Plugin certification and installation

Plugin certification

All CopySafe Web plugins have been signed using Microsoft Authenticode. Both the plugins that are installed and their respective installers have been signed. If you are providing the plugin downloads from your own web site, you need to maintain that they are current (have not expired). To check their expiry date, view the plugin's installer locally (on your own computer) using File Explorer and highlight the file to right-click and select "Properties". You should see a tab for "Digital Signature"... check the certificate's expiry date.

Plugin downloads

NOTE: As of November 2015 all of the popular web browsers dropped support for NPAPI plugins which are needed for system level interaction. Consequently none of the popular web browser can support real copy protection today. However the new alternative, which is a better alternative considering that popular web browsers were never in favor of protecting web media (ie: designed to copy and exploit all web media), is to use the ArtisBrowser which was specially designed for copy protected web sites.

OTHERWISE: If your intranet or corporate network is still using a web browser version dated before November 2015, then plugin downloads are provided to your visitor's for free from our download servers, however we do invite you to provide the downloads from your own web site and will provide whatever support is needed. Providing the downloads from your own web site may has many advantages:

  • Maintain that the plugin version matches your web pages
  • Faster downloads from servers closer to your audience
  • Customize the installers or sign with your own certificate
  • Restrict the browser/versions that can view your protected content

The latest set of plugin installers can be downloaded here (current version) and includes:

  • Current installers for Mozilla type web browsers
  • Current installers for Internet Explorer
  • Current csi.js files and documentation
  • Current updates for your CopySafe software
  • Current samples for html and ASP examples
  • Current documentation for visitor help files

Plugin installation

Automatic installation via the user's web browser is recommended to ensure that the plugins are installed in the correct location for the browser in use. When a visitor loads your protected page, their web browser is checked for the current version of the plugin, and if it is not detected or needs to be upgraded, they are redirected to the appropriate download page.

Plugin removal

The plugin can be removed from the Windows "Control Panel" by using "Add/remove programs"... remove "CopySafe". Note: if you remove "CopySafe Web" you will delete your CopySafe Web software program!

Plugin versatility

When the Mozilla type plugin is installed, it becomes available to all Mozilla web browsers that are supported by CopySafe. For example if the plugin is installed into Firefox, the same plugin will be used when viewing with Netscape Navigator and vice versa.

Each installer will ensure that the components are installed correctly.

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