Copysafe PDF Protection : How can access documents of a second group?

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How can users access documents of a second group?

A document can only belong to one group. If you upload it again and its file name is the same then it will simply replace the existing file... if you changed the group then the document will belong to the new group only.

To add the same document to a second group you will need to upload a new instance with a different file name.

However there is a way for a user of one group to access all documents of a second group. But it is complicated. First thing to note is by "joining" a group provides access to documents in both groups. next important note is that the group allowing a "join" of another group must be the user's group for permissions to work. For example if a user is a member of Group A and group A is joined to group B then the user can can access all documents belonging to both groups. But if the user is in group B it doesn't work because the "join" is assigned from group A settings.