ASPS Web Site Protection : Page speed filters strip HTML tags unknown to them

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Posted On: 2021-08-15 at 18:10

ASPS pages not being decrypted when a website uses Page Speed modules is caused by their filters removing tags that are unknown to them.

For example the Google Page Speed module is such an offender and it needs to be disabled.

Web sites using content delivery services like Cloudfare will suffer the same problem. However it is possible to still use Cloudfare for the site by disabling "pagespeed" for directories protected by ASPS.

Nominate the folder or common string, enclose in * to catch related variables. Then nominate "disable performance" which is the nuisance that strips comment types from HTML.

Note: removing comment types from page html has no noticeable increase in page speed, as it only reduces download size by a couple of Kb!