Troubleshooting Copy Protection : Copysafe Service is stopped and cannot be started

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Posted On: 2021-04-12 at 14:53

If you get a report from Diagnostics in CopySafe software that says "Copysafe Service is stopped and cannot be started" then it means what it says.

But in most cases it will be because the Copysafe Service has not stopped... it was never started!

The Copysafe Helper Service runs as a Windows driver to assist Copysafe software to monitor attempts to copy and record the screen. naturally, if it is not running then the Copysafe software will not display media when it is not protected.

Some things that prevent the service from starting:

1. Insufficient permissions to install properly
2. Insufficient permissions to run
3. Interference from anti-virus software
4. Missing vital resources

1. Insufficient permissions to install properly

Uninstall the CopySafe software and install again, but this time by right-clicking the installer file and selecting "Run as Administrator".

2. Insufficient permissions to run

The software may have installed ok, but is not permitted to run, in which case try starting the software by right-clicking its executable and selecting "Run as Administrator".

If that fails, then try disabling UAC and following the steps above in #1.

3. Interference from anti-virus software

Anti-virus software has removed or disabled a component, not because it is dangerous, but because it is not known to an anti-virus software that is poorly researched and only caters for commonly known apps.

But if that anti-virus software can whitelist trusted software, no problem, just add the Copysafe software and/or the Copysafe Helper Service to the whitelist, reinstall the Copysafe software and you should be good to go.

But if your anti-virus software has no whitelist, then it is most definitely rubbish and should be uninstalled. Only use proven and trusted antivirus software and not rubbish that makes false claims about itself. Windows 10 already includes what you need. On Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials is all that you need, and they are both free.

4. Missing vital resources

Your computer is missing resources that are provided via Windows updates. For example, this error is typical when running on newly installed Windows without updates. Please ensure that your computer has the latest Windows updates.