ASPS Web Site Protection : Debugging Decryption Error

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Posted On: 2020-09-02 at 10:57

When an encrypted ASPS web page fails to decrypt, it is always because there is an error on the web page:

Wrongly placed ArtisReader tag

The ArtisReader tag must be the first line of HTML sent to the web browser. Nothing at all can appear before it. Some badly written CMS plugins like those for WordPress spew code all over the place when injecting into HTML and JavaScript can be inserted before all other HTML.

Missing Content-Type declaration

Without a Content-Type declaration, the ArtisFilter has no language setting. While some believe that the new shortened tag should suffice, we recommend using the full tag:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

Unclosed HTML tags

Check that there are no unclosed tags. For example

Some text here
is an example of opening and closing a HTML tag properly. While some believe that you can get away without closed tags, it is not recommended. DreamWeaver and Frontpage can be useful tools for highlighting HTML
syntax errors.

WC3 Standard

The WC3 Standard is the code by which web pages have been designed since the beginning of the Internet. What might work in web browsers like Chrome, which has been designed to exploit privacy and security, is not a good example. Chrome does not comply with WC3 standards and never has.

Mixed Content

"Mix content" flags may be raised when displaying a web page via SSL (https://) while some content on the page such as images and scripts are using non-SSL (http://) calls. Mixed content raises flags because it can be a pretext to cross-site scripting which poses security risks.

SEO Tricks

Modern web designers have been wrongly advised by SEO experts to lazyload images and move JavaScript to the bottom of the web page to get faster page loading scores from Google. That is being greatly misconstrued, because some are placing JavaScript inclusions outside of the HTML tags.

WC3 standards recommend that JavaScript be inserted between the HEAD tags, and while it may still work in between the BODY tags, placing scripts and any other HTML outside of the HTML tag is wrong!

Besides, why in the world would anyone want to SEO a copy protected web page?