CopySafe PDF Protection DRM : Managing Multiple Computers Per User

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DRM account admins can enable users to use 1-3 computers per account. If more need to be enabled, then that user can be given a second account but it will use a different account ID and username (email).

Registering additional computers

Users can register their first computer from the PDF Reader, but additional computers cannot be added from the Reader. This is due to an inbuilt security precaution that prevents users from changing computers which would allow them to share their account login with others which would defeat the concept of DRM.

For a user to add an additional computer, they need to use the ArtisBrowser to log into their account, go to Preferences, and click the link to Manage Machines. ArtisBrowser is required because it can provide the same unique Computer ID that is used by the CopySafe PDF Reader.

How to set the number of computers allowed per user

Admins can allow 1-3 computers per user by editing either the group setting or an individual user's setting. Group settings apply to all users in that group. Individual settings apply to only that user. If a user is set to use 1 computer and the group setting allows 3 then that user can use 3 computers. If the group setting allows 1 computer and the user's setting allows for 3 computers, then the user can use 3 computers.

How can admins manage the Computer IDs of their user's?

Admins can add and remove Computer Ids from a user's record by editing the user account. If a user is allowed 3 computers then there will be provision for 3 computer IDs.

Sometimes a user may want to change the first Computer ID because it is no longer applicable or they only have one Computer allowed, in which case admin needs to assist them by first removing that first ID so that it can be updated by the user from the CopySafe PDF Reader.

If the user's Computer ID is know to the admin, then it can be added to a Computer slot when editing the user's details.

How can admin discover the Computer ID of a user?

Admin can find the Computer ID of any user after that user has tried to open a DRM document by checking their Stats page for Ebooks. Look for the document that they may have tried to open, or look for an IP address that may be theirs. IP addresses for each user can be found by looking at the list of users. In the far right columns their IP address will be listed (if they have ever logged into the DRM portal). Each time a user logs in, their IP address is updated, so what you see there will be their last used IP address.