ArtistScope Portable Media : Templates - managing a large collection of videos

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Posted On: 2017-11-06 at 13:49

One can use different methods for template management.

A) Using one template for all will require video file changes and re-editing of the HTML pages for each individual movie... unless you use a generic naming system for video.MP4 and simply rename each video before copying over the last packaged one.

B) Using a separate template folder for each video, the only changes needed when updating the video is copying the new video (of the same file name) over the existing one.

The image below depicts a template set for one video that can be distributed with both password/expiration protection or with DRM token.

In the APM Packager, select the "Resource" folder as the input folder and the "Output" folder for output.

APM files for DRM tokens will be prefixed with your Author ID number. To make them ready for download you can ZIP them and include your instructions/user-guide. ZIP is mot recommended for downloads because lame browsers like Chrome will try to open it as a text file, rather than save to your hard-drive.

To ZIP files, select the files that you want to include, and then right click >> Send to >> Compressed (zipped) folder