.ENC File Type

File Type and Mimetype for .ENC

File types used by ArtistScope security applications include a new type known as .ENC, which opens in CopySafe PDF Reader.

The .ENC file type is created by CopySafe PDF Protector when encrypting Adobe PDF files. It is a library file for viewing with CopySafe PDF Reader, which may also be referred to as the CS-PDF Reader.

.ENC files are most useful when publishing a series of CopySafe protected PDFs because they do not include the reader, which reduces the file size by 2 MB.

Server Mime Type

To deliver .ENC files from a server, you may need to add ENC to the server's Mimetypes:

.enc     application/octet-stream

Other Usage

An ENC file is a generic encrypted file usually of proprietary encryption origin and encrypted to protect it from unauthorized use. ENC files may be encoded in the .UUE format, which can be opened with a program like 7-Zip. However, ENC files using a proprietary encryption may be opened by the program that was designed to do so.