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To use the best web copy protection software and image protect software, one needs to look past the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and others due to two most critical failings.

1. Popular web browsers are designed to exploit web content by making it as easy to save, copy and print as possible, thus undermining most attempts to copy protect web content.

2. As of late 2015, all popular web browsers dropped support for NPAPI plugins that are needed to interact at system level, thus making it impossible to use any of the browser plugins that have been available for copy protection for the last 20 years.

Now, the solution to that problem is actually a blessing for all copy protected web sites, because today, one has no other choice but to use the best web browser for copy protected web sites. The ArtisBrowser is such a browser and especially designed as a secure kiosk browser and safe exam browser for copy protected webs. ArtisBrowser looks and feels like other web browsers when used for general web surfing, but when viewing web content provided by the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) and CopySafe Web Protection, it switches to "copy protected mode" in which all copy, save and print is rendered impossible.

Both CopySafe Web Protection and ASPS will protect all content displayed on a web page from PrintScreen and screen capture but there are notable differences between the two solutions. For example, CopySafe Web Protection will run from any web page and on any type of web server, even from web page packagers like ArtistScope Portable Media which functions as a mini-web server on the user's computer, even when they are offline. CopySafe Web provides the best image protection because it uses encrypted images that cannot be displayed anywhere else, making them safe while stored online, even from your webmaster.

But ASPS as web copy protection software, requires a dedicated or virtual web server because it runs at system level to deliver encrypted content to the ArtisBrowser. ASPS web content cannot be saved, copied or scraped in any way. Nor can data be extracted from the browser cache or memory. Not even packet sniffers can extract the data, making ASPS the most secure and most effective solution for the copy protection of all media while displayed on a web page. ASPS is the perfect solution for mission critical projects and the best choice for safe exams and web kiosks.

As image protect software, CopySafe Web Protection requires that the images be encrypted to use "domain lock", while ASPS does not require any special treatment of any media that is to be copy protected. To apply ASPS copy protection to a web site or select web pages, meta-tags added to the page header will invoke ASPS encryption for delivery to the ArtisBrowser which switches to "copy protected mode".

The good news for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress web site owners is that ArtistScope provides free plugins to upload, add and manage copy protected images, PDF and video from their online page editors. Now anyone can add copy protected web content to their web site.

The software required to create the protected media for upload caters for desktop publishing as well with options to apply DRM to prevent unauthorized used and redistribution. The software licensing is most reasonably priced and without hidden costs that most others fail to disclose. For example, each license includes:

  • Free and ongoing support for life.
  • Free software upgrades for life.
  • Free DRM portal to manage media and subscribers without limitation.
  • Free online store for commission free sales.
  • Free online book cover design tool for ads.

ArtistScope web protection software and image protect software can be evaluated before purchase by downloading the trail software or by registering for a 14-day free trial of the DRM portal.

Why use ArtistScope protection software? ArtistScope has provided the leading edge of copy protection software since they first invented "copy protection" in 1998. Others in the industry are copy-cats peddling poor imitations and weak solutions that offer no real protection, and you can prove that for yourself by trialing ArtistScope software, and then comparing it to the other confused nonsense.

ArtistScope was founded to research and develop the means for artists to protect their livelihood on the Internet when no form of copy protection was available. Today they provide the most secure solutions for all media while viewed on the desktop and online.

Click for more information about ArtistScope web protection and image protection.

Author: William Kent
Date: 19th August 2019

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