Using Web Copy Protection Software Now Easier Than Ever

CMS plugins for copy protection Using web copy protection software on your web pages has never been easier thanks to ArtistScope. Today most web sites are built using Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress which enable site owners to add new pages, blogs, images and video to their web pages from their online page editor.

ArtistScope, provider of the most secure copy protection software for images, PDF, video and web pages provides plugins and extensions for all of the popular CMS, so that site owners and web developers can easily add copy protected media to their web pages from their page builder.

In fact the complexity of a CMS backend prevents even the most experienced web developers from adding anything out of the ordinary to their web pages, especially encrypted media that requires custom scripting to embed a viewer into their web page HTML. But ArtistScope's CMS plugins simplify that whole process, enabling site owners with little to no HTML skills at all, to add the most securely copy protected images, PDF and video to web pages and blogs via their web browser.

For example to add copy protected images to WordPress pages, you can simply use ArtistScope's image protect software to encrypt your images with domain lock, then upload them from the WordPress page editor for placement on your web page. The image protection options to apply can be nominated in the WordPress plugin's settings page and if required to vary from the default setting, individually set on each web page.

Likewise, to copy protect PDF, you can use CopySafe pdf protection software to encrypt your PDF documents with domain lock for upload via the WordPress page editor for placement on WordPress web pages. Once placed, you can nominate options to prevent copy and printing, and set the width and height of the PDF area displayed in your web page.

CopySafe pdf security software provides the most secure and most robust copy protection for PDF documents, safe from all copy and save including PrintScreen and screen capture software.

Adding copy protection to web pages is now easier than ever before by using CMS plugins for ArtistScope site protection. ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides the most secure all round protection for web sites on dedicated or virtual servers, while CopySafe Web can be used on almost any web site hosted anywhere. There is no web site security software that can compare with ASPS because it uses military strength encryption between server and web browser to prevent the interception of data even from packet sniffers. Only the ArtisBrowser can decrypt that data and display the web pages but not allowing the user to copy, save or print (if so desired). Page source is not provided and media links cannot be extracted from browser cache or memory.

Whether using PDF security software or image protect software to display protected media on a web page, there are no alternatives at all because the only web browser that can support copy protection today is the ArtisBrowser. CMS plugins are available for all ArtistScope solutions.

Author: William Kent
Date: 29th July 2019

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Carol Summers 2019-08-12
Your plugin service is fantastic, keep up the good work!

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