Finding Image Protect Software and PDF Security Software

When looking for Image Protect Software or PDF Security Software, one usually starts by typing those words into a search engine page. But today it is not so straight forward because search results are polluted by a variety of dubious and mostly plagiarized articles discussing those topics but with no real purpose other than collecting content for search engine fodder to display paying ads.

Take for example, a search on Image Protect Software. On page one at the top is one of the usual suspects in the copy protection industry that promotes simplistic and unpractical solutions under the guise of being able to protect all types of files. While their web pages look impressive and use all the right buzz words, but to anyone in the industry it can be obvious that they have borrowed all of that information from the web sites of others in the copy protection industry, and added it all to every product page in the hope of attracting enquiries.

Second from the top is an article written by a nature photographer who was one of the first to discuss the various protection techniques available at the time. However I remember when that article was first written about 20 years ago and the image protection solutions recommended are all extinct by now except for CopySafe.

Next on the first page are some listings of shareware sites inter-mingled with a collection of other articles about "how to protect images" using information that was plagiarized from the nature photographer and our own info pages. If they didn't get that info directly from us, then they will have most likely plagiarized it from another plagiarizer and so on.

So why does the Internet need so many pages discussing the ins and outs of image protect software? The original information was first published by ArtistScope in 1998 and already covered all of the possible techniques for image protection on the Internet. But that is what the Internet has come to... plagiarism of all and everything for profit or self promotion.

ArtistScope introduced the first image protect software for the Internet, and that solution was and still is much more sophisticated than all of the new solutions that continue to appear. Why do they bother creating inferior clones, most of which offering little to no protection from the most commonly used methods of copy? Well there must be a lot of naive people out there on both ends of the equation. Do those selling ineffective solutions really believe that their solution is worthwhile at all, or have they simply researched the web for ideas to imitate? Then there are those stumbling across those image protection solutions and believing that they might be effective.

Take for example "right-mouse-click" solutions. I recall discussing its use and how to prevent it on an art forum many years ago, and one member was so excited about its potential that he believed that it was the ultimate solution for protecting online images. I wouldn't be surprised if the fool even tried to patent it.

Now 20 years on and we can look at the list of image protect plugins available for WordPress. I lost count of how many plugins are on offer for copy protecting images when all they do is try to disable right-mouse-click. Of course there is little skill needed to create such a plugin for WordPress when all one has to do is download someone else's version and repackage it using different names.

So why do they bother? One can only assume that they are trying to attract traffic to their own web site and I have noticed that a lot of WordPress plugins are no more than advertising gimmicks for all types of services including web hosts, web designers and of course, the copy-cats in the copy protection industry.

How anyone ever finds our copy protection software in that soup is surprising. And yes, ArtistScope does provide a diverse variety of plugins for all of the popular CMS such as DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress. However they are not advertising gimmicks, but are in fact unique and designed specifically to simplify the task of website owners that need to add copy protected media to their CMS web pages. Ordinarily that task can be beyond the skills of most experienced web designers, but our plugins simplify the task, reducing them to simple point and click procedures that the site owner can perform from their web site's dashboard.

Whether uploading encrypted images or integrating with PDF security software, ArtistScope has the best software solution and a CMS plugin that anyone can use.

Author: William Kent
Date: 13th August 2019

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Harold B 2019-08-18
I think that Google is most at fault here and that their search algorithm is quite dumb. For example, if one is searching for "security software" then was has social media got to do with it? Only an idiot would not realize that security such as document protection would not be a public interest topic and that it would never be discussed on social media except by spammers. Because if anything, security is about obscurity and the less that the public knows the less chance of it being exploited.

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