Why Is Website Security Important? How To Secure & Protect Your Site With Website Protection Software

For anyone publishing online courses or other intellectual property online, website security is needed to protect your assets and your livelihood. Because without website protection, anything published on web pages, including media linked from those pages, is up for grabs to anyone who may want to plagiarize and steal it to use in their own web projects.

Of course it is still necessary to provide an unrestricted home page and other doorway pages to feed search engines, but your intellectual property, the web pages that you don't want competitors and copy-thieves to use, needs to be protected from direct access, and if possible protected from copy while on display.

That is where web copy protection software comes into play. But I do mean real copy protection software and not the cheap shot no-right-click "content protection" plugins that have been plagiarized from CMS plugins that ArtistScope created to support their website protection solutions. While they may be useful for injecting scripts to existing web pages, those scripts are no more than JavaScript and while they may hinder visitors wanting to right-click and mouse save images and other media, they cannot prevent anyone from copy, save or printing anything they like.

To properly protect website content, one needs to use a solution that covers all bases, prevents all methods of copy and shuts off all avenues of exploit. Otherwise why lock one door and leave the others open?

Copy Protecting Websites On Dedicated & Virtual Servers

Renting a virtual server these days is most economical and some plans can be found for $10/month and less. Now that may be a tad more than some shared web hosting but the big plus for virtual servers is that unlike with shared hosting, you get to use all of the bandwidth allowance whereas with shared hosting you can be one of 500 websites on a server, each sharing the same bandwidth allowance, and all it takes is for one of them to get busy and your website slows down, times out and gets penalized in SEO for slow pages.

But the biggest advantage with a virtual server is that you can install the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) at server level to create an encrypted tunnel between website and your visitor's web browser. ASPS is easy to use as ArtistScope installs the software on your server for you, and then all you need to do is install a plugin for your CMS, whether it be WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla or DNN, to manage which pages you want copy protected. To use ASPS, web pages do not need to be modified at all as the CMS plugin injects the code to activate protection dynamically. All it takes is for you to protect a page is to nominate the url or a keyword found within the url.

Copy Protecting Websites On Shared Hosting Servers

But if you don't have a virtual server and are stuck with a website on a shared hosting, you can still use the site protection provided by CopySafe. CopySafe is available for all types of media with copy protection solutions for images and web pages, PDF and video. CopySafe can be used on any type of web site, any type of web server and on any web page.

Using PDF Protection Software

Website protection software can copy protect all web page content and media except for PDF because PDF needs to be encrypted to prevent it from being accessible to generic readers like Adobe Reader where it cannot be copy protected. However for PDF documents, whether displayed on web pages or provided as downloads for desktop reading, you can use the CopySafe PDF Protection software.

CopySafe PDF uses a proprietary PDF reader for desktop reading and also provides web page view from the ArtisBrowser. In fact CopySafe PDF Protection is the only solution that is safe from all copy and be used on web pages. For CMS web sites the CopySafe PDF plugin is available for site owners to easily add encrypted PDF to their web pages from their online page editor.


If you have a virtual server you can use ASPS to copy protect all content except PDF. If you only have shared hosting, then you can use any one of the CopySafe solutions which are available for protecting images and web pages, PDF documents or video.

Author: William Kent
Date: 21st July 2020

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