Video Watermark : Options For Watermarking Video

Watermarking is a most effective deterrent to copy for unauthorized redistribution and sharing, especially if the watermark can identify the culprit. Sure, adding your brand name or logo as a watermark can deter competitors from using your videos to promote their services, but when it comes to intellectual property like online courses and other intellectual property like in-house techniques and recipes, if the watermark can identify the user, the author/owner will know who to sue or who to fire.

To watermark media for desktop play or view, DRM needs to be employed to provide the user’s details dynamically, otherwise without DRM, one is limited to providing video with a static message or logo.

To watermark video online using the user’s details as the watermark is easy when using a CMS like WordPress, Moodle, Joomla or Drupal, because in most cases access to view the video will require a login and the logged user’s details can be used for the watermark. ArtistScope provides plugins for each of those CMS to simplify the management of copy protected video by site owners. Now anyone can add encrypted, copy protected and domain locked video to their web pages using from their online page editor with or without watermarking. The watermark settings enable placement anywhere on the video and the font size, color and transparency can be set individually for each video display.

The solution mentioned above requires the CopySafe Video Protection software to encrypt the video prior to upload, but another solution known as the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) enables the copy protection of all types of video while using any embedded player. Consequently the video can be watermarked by any embedded player that provides watermarking on the fly and those should be available for all CMS from their plugin download sites.

However for WordPress, ArtistScope do provide a watermarking plugin that can be used with any MP4 video. The ArtistScope Video Player plugin is available to licensed users of ASPS only. Being designed for use with WordPress it can use the user’s details for the watermark, and if the user is not logged in (not recommended for protected media) it will instead display the user’s IP address. Each individual video page can use unique settings for the position of the watermark in the video area, font color, font size and transparency.

ArtistScope Site Protection Software is easily managed by yet another plugin known as ASPS Tag Management to apply ASPS copy protection to any web page on a site simply by nominating its url or a keyword found in its url such as “lesson, course, etc”. Any pages not tagged will be delivered as normal, which is most recommended to provide doorway pages to the website and to enhance SEO.

Examples of both watermarking methods can be viewed online at

Author: William Kent
Date: 22nd June 2021

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