The Limitations Of Good Image Protect Software And Website Protection Software

It can be amusing when we get enquiries for image protect software from people who think that copy protection works like magic, and that a spell can be cast anywhere. For example "can we protect images displayed on Facebook or a classified ads site?"

copyright protectionBut surprise, surprise... we can copy protect images and web pages anywhere, even on Facebook. Yes, our website protection software can be applied to any web site, even to websites that you cannot control. But because neither of us has control over those web pages and thus no away to prevent access via direct means, the copy protection applied to web pages delivered via the "mirror" can be circumvented by visiting them directly. However if you were the site owner of Facebook or any web site that you want to copy protect, then you have the ability to restrict access via direct means and ensure that they only access to the protected pages is by way of the mirror running on our server. In fact we provide an add-on for the popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress for doing that.

How our protected mirror works is by retrieving the web page, rewriting the HTML to preserve media links, CSS and JavaScripts, and then displaying the modified web page from our web server. As our mirror scrapes and rewrites the HTML it also adds the necessary meta-tags for the commands to instruct the website protection software running on our server and also the commands for the ArtisBrowser web browser to allow/disallow copy, save and print functions.

The original web page does not change and unless direct access is prevented by using something like our Check-Referrer plugin, then anyone can still visit that page using any web browser. The concept is ingenious but serves no practical purpose other than demonstrating that it is indeed possible. But because one who does have control over the web site to be copy protected can simply install the website protection software on their own server, any pages that include the necessary meta-tags will not be accessible in any other way or via any other web browser.

The same applies to image protect software and the copy protection of any media. If the copy protection solution can installed on the web site, then you can have a most securely protected scenario. For example, the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) creates a secure tunnel between the web server and the visitor's web browser, in which nothing can be copied or extracted, even from browser cache or memory. With the add-ons that we provide for ASPS tag management for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress, the web pages to be protected do not need editing in any way because the plugin injects the ASPS code dynamically as and when needed. All you need to do is nominate which pages are to be protected by listing their URL or a common keyword that is used in their URL like "lesson" or "page.php?id=325" etc.

What happens when another web browser is used?

ASPS content is encrypted and the only web browser that can decrypt the web page is the ArtisBrowser. If another web browser tries to load the page, all they will see is a short message advising them to use the ArtisBrowser with a download link.

What happens if a visitor uses packet sniffing software?

Not much, especially if the website uses SSL because inside that SLL encryption the web page is further encrypted so that only the ArtisBrowser can decode it. Consequently any data contained within, including links to image, video and other media, cannot be extracted.

What happens if media downloaders are used?

Again, not much because the page is encrypted and the downloader software will not be able to decrypt the page. Nor can the decoded page be extracted from browser cache because the ArtisBrowser does not cache. And for those die-hards who may speculate about data being extracted from memory, forget that avenue too, because even that is not possible with the ArtisBrowser.

What is required to use ASPS site protection on your web site?

For the permissions required to install software at system level on the web server, you will require a dedicated or at least a virtual server. However it can be any type of web server including most Windows OS and most Linux distributions. The ArtistScope team will install the ASPS software for your web site and that way it can be assured to work in all cases. Licensing is quite simple and straight forward. Any domain can be licensed and all aliases of that domain can use ASPS providing that they are on the same server. Licensing is a one-time fee that includes free support and upgrades for life.

Can ASPS protected web pages be viewed on mobile phones?

We can cater for mobile phones but mobile phones cannot cater for the level of security that we provide. They are also unstable and constantly changing. Mobiles are intended for amusement and that is when they are mostly used... to amuse while travelling on public transport or while sitting in a waiting room... hardly the place to expose intellectual property where persons unknown are looking over one's shoulder.

Author: William Kent
Date: 4th February 2020

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