PDF Protection Software And Website Protection Software For Drupal CMS

Using PDF protection software and website protection software in Drupal is now greatly simplified. As with any well designed CMS, they are easy to use to quickly create web pages, but almost impossible to customize without the availability of a plugin or extension that is properly designed and compatible with the core functions of the CMS, and Drupal is no different.

Today the only effective copy protection solutions that can be used on web pages are those provided by ArtistScope. The reason being is because ArtistScope provide the only copy protect software that is truly effective against all methods available for the copy and exploitation of media, and they are the only effective copy protection solutions that can be used on web pages thanks to the ArtisBrowser secure web browser. Unlike today's popular web browsers that seem to be intended for amusement only, the ArtisBrowser is specially designed to protect media and intellectual property while displayed online.

website protection softwareHowever it is the extensions that ArtistScope provide for Drupal site owners that enable the use of copy protection for PDF and web pages without requiring any web development skills at all. Drupal extensions are available for ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS), CopySafe PDF Protection, CopySafe Video Protection and CopySafe Web Protection that install like most other Drupal extensions. Once installed, site owners can upload copy protected PDF, protected images or protected video for easy placement into their web pages and posts from the inline CMS editor provided by Drupal.

The settings page for each extension will enable the setting of default parameters to use on all web page displays, and from the Drupal editor, the media can be placed anywhere in the page while setting the parameters for that individual page such as print control, copy control, access control and width and height of the protected media's display area.

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) extension works differently to the CopySafe extensions because it doesn't involve media uploads. Instead the ASPS extension controls which pages are copy protected by injecting meta-tags on the fly that tell the ASPS filter on the web server to encrypt the web page. It also injects meta-tags for the ArtisBrowser that govern the level of protection and security options to apply to the web page while on display.

With ASPS, site protection can be applied to individual web pages or a whole section by nominating a "keyword" found in the URL of the web page or the folder from which it is delivered, making it ideal for any type of web site that needs to maintain vanilla doorway pages as in introduction to the public or to serve as fodder for search engines.

ASPS is undoubtedly the most secure all round website protection software all media, except PDF thanks to Adobe quirks. So to securely copy protect PDF we recommend the CopySafe PDF Protection software.

CopySafe PDF Protection caters for desktop reading as well as online reading. With desktop reading DRM can be applied to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution. But DRM is not provided for online reading because it can contradict the member access controls already provided by the Drupal CMS. This may be the reason that most online tutors prefer to deploy for desktop reading with DRM. The DRM provided with CopySafe PDF Protection is diabolical as it locks each user account to a set number of computers, although the default is for one. Because it identifies each user by unique computer ID based on machine details such as hard drive serial number and manufacturer, there can be no duplication and thus account access cannot be shared like it can with password access.

However DRM beyond password protection can be utilized by Drupal for web page access because the ArtisBrowser, like the CopySafe PDF Reader, can identify each user by unique Computer ID and makes it available as a session object. So for web developers to use a much more secure member control system than password access, it will not be very difficult at all to add a couple of extra columns to the members table and some extra code on the member status scripts to record and enforce that Computer ID when and where required. Any web developers interested in customizing their CMS for DRM will find the ArtistScope support team at their disposal for free help and advice.

DRM extensions for any CMS is purely on a client's need and our willingness to assist basis as such extensions will never be made to the public, mainly because their obscurity will enhance security and we already have too many copy cats claiming clones of our CMS plugins as their own. Consequently anything as mission critical as the security of our copy protection software will never be made available as open source. Unfortunately the conditions of publishing on most CMS plugin sites is that the plugin be open source. For the plugins and extension that ArtistScope does publish on those sites, there is no threat to the integrity of the copy protection software that they service. The fact that they are plagiarized, repackaged and proclaimed as innovative developments by many in the copy protection industry pretty much sums up the integrity behind their facades.

For free consultation without obligation for any copy protection or website protection software project, you are most welcome to contact the real experts.

Author: William Kent
Date: 17th March 2020

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