Is PDF Protection Software Better Than Website Protection Software For Online Documents?

When it comes to publishing documents online, the PDF format, which can be created from most other document file formats, is often used when copy protection is required, PDF protection software can be used. But is that the best choice when generic website protection software can be used?

website protection softwareThe answer to that lies in the skill sets available and the source of the original documents. If the documents are being supplied by a variety of different authors, and their publishing simplified so that those authors can upload their own documents to the web site, then yes PDF may be the best choice. However some disadvantages can apply here due to poor layout and indexing by the author, and viewing a PDF document that is embedded into a web page can limit size and viewing options, especially on web pages that use multiple columns.

What are the alternatives? Well any document file format can be converted to PDF and while there are many options available for PDF protection software, very few will provide the security, copy protection and the capacity to be read online. But if one has the original document and some web authoring skills, the document content could easily be displayed on web pages and still be most securely copy protected by website protection software.

Those web pages could be saved as static web pages, or the content could be uploaded and stored as page content in a database, similar to how CMS like WordPress and Moodle work. Then the content can easily be updated when necessary, and any later change of theme will not affect the page content.

When reading online, I for one prefer reading from web pages rather than having to deal with the cumbersome feel of a PDF document. Also, hyperlinks and bookmarks are easier to manage on web pages and images can be rescaled to suit the current browser window size. Overall a web page can be much more sophisticated and include a lot of different types of media and affects such as popup windows for clarification etc. The web page can also have additional information displayed according to conditions, such as providing additional information for administrators and other privileged users.

How does the effectiveness of copy protection compare between PDF protection on web pages and copy the protection of web pages by site protection software? Well if we compare the best PDF protection for use on web pages which is the CopySafe PDF Protection software to the best website protection software which is the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) then you will find very little difference between them. They both provide the most secure protection from all methods of copy that cannot be exploited.

The implementation of CopySafe PDF Protection on web pages is quite simple thanks to the add-on plugins available for WordPress, Moodle, DNN, Drupal and Joomla. Especially made for CopySafe by ArtistScope, the plugins enable site authors to upload and add embedded PDF onto any web page or post. Sites not using a CMS can simply add a few lines of code into their static web pages for the "embedded object".

The implementation of copy protect web pages only requires that the ASPS filter be installed server side. Then any web pages that need to be protected can be tagged using meta-tags to tell the ASPS filter and the ArtisBrowser which pages are to be copy protected and which copy options need to be disabled. For websites running a CMS the ASPS Tag management plugin can be installed to nominate which pages need to be protected. It is as simple as that... simply nominate a keyword that can found in the URL or link of the page and it will be copy protected automatically. No further editing is required. The creation of the content for those pages is "business as usual"... simply create the page from the CMS online editor.

There are different requirements, but they are fixable. CopySafe PDF Protection software can be used on absolutely any web site at all. But the ASPS site protection software requires a dedicated or virtual server for the rights to install software at system level. But if you shop around you can find good virtual server hosting for $10/month and less. To get started, ArtistScope will install the ASPS server filter and if you are using a CMS like WordPress, all you have to do to get started is add your pages from the CMS online editor.

For free and non-obligatory consultation for your copy protected web project, simply email us.

Author: William Kent
Date: 7th April 2020

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