How To Copy Protect All Media On WordPress For All Devices Including Mobile

January 14, 2022 – The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is best solution for copy protecting all media on web pages and it is supported on all types of web server and across all platforms including mobile devices. It has been available for more than decade but its plugin will not be found on the WordPress site.

CMS like DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress use plugins to manage their content, and the ASPS Tag management plugin is available for all of these CMS. But they will not be found on the CMS parent sites because a) they are for use with the ASPS module installed on your web server, and b) the plugin is not open source and not available for plagiarism.

There is no comparison between ASPS and other WP plugins for “Content Protection” because all other CMS plugins rely on JavaScript in popular web browsers that designed at cross purpose... to save, copy and download all media as easily as possible. In fact the best that these other plugins can do is restrict right mouse actions and do no more than irritate anyone really intent on copying anything that they desire.

The difference with our ASPS plugin is that it doesn’t even try to prevent copy because it merely acts as an interface for managing tags that activate the server side module and manage access from a web browser that is specially designed to protect content... ArtisBrowser. The ASPS server module encrypts web pages that only the ArtisBrowser can read and while on display nothing can be saved, copied or downloaded.

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is by far the best copy protection solution for web content and there is nothing else like it. The only drawback is that it requires a dedicated server or VPS for the rights to install and run from system level on a server. All types of servers are suitable including Apache, Nginx and Windows IIS. Requiring a dedicated server should not be much of a deterrent when considering that hosting for a VPS can be attained for as little as $10/month. But server setup and config may be a deterrent to those struggling to manage WordPress on a shared hosting.

But once your WordPress is up and running it gets very much easier. The ASPS Tag Management plugin installs just like any other WordPress plugin and will greatly simplify the web pages or sections that you want to protect. Pages that you want to protect need no modification whatsoever as the ASPS Tag plugin does it all for you. To nominate any page on your web site for copy protection, all you need to do is nominate its url or a keyword that might be found in its url like “lesson”. Then all page urls that include “lesson” will be delivered in encrypted form and the ArtisBrowser will be the only application that can read and display them.

ASPS Tag Management will also enable you nominate which devices are allowed and which are not. For example if you only want to allow Windows computers simply uncheck Mac, Android and iOS options.

ASPS is used by large and small companies alike. However the most common use today is for copy protecting online course material. On WordPress the LearnPress plugin seems to be the most popular learning management system (LMS).

But ASPS can be used on any type of website and if you don’t use a CMS you will find that adding the tags programmatically to any web page is not difficult and the user-guide give easy to follow steps and examples.

Author: William Kent
Date: 14th January 2022

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