How To Add DRM To Copy Protect Any Website Including WordPress Sites

Although website protection software can be designed to prevent exploits and copy protect PDF, video and page data, none of them actually include DRM. Sure, some in the industry refer to password protection as DRM, and password protection can be applied by member login systems built into any website, but passwords can be shared. Nothing prevents a user from sharing their password protected account with other others to avoid paying for subscriptions and evading access rights intended by the website owner.

website protection softwareReal DRM should not allow the unauthorized distribution of media and only allow access to users specifically entitled by the owner. Consequently ArtistScope DRM is the preferred solution because it identifies each user by unique computer ID that cannot be shared or exploited. However applying real to most websites can cause problems with existing member access controls. For example, most websites today use a content management system (CMS) to build pages dynamically, such as WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla or DNN.

For experienced web designers who can code, modifying an existing member system is not difficult as all it requires is an extra database column for Computer ID and some code to record new IDs and validate access according to the user's computer ID. But most CMS likes to update itself and it is always recommended to update when possible because it will usually include security fixes to patch newly discovered flaws in the CMS. Unfortunately any such updates will overwrite the CMS core and customized code will be lost.

That is why ArtistScope DRM has been designed to be independent of a website's membership management and not dependent on its CMS core. All that it takes to DRM protect any web page using ArtistScope DRM is a couple of lines of code which can be ASP, PHP or any other server side language. Client side languages like JavaScript are of no use because being client side, they are actioned in the web browser and can easily be disabled.

For WordPress web sites, ArtistScope DRM is available as a WordPress plugin that very much simplifies the web designer's task by adding the necessary code dynamically. Site owners can then nominate which web pages are DRM protected by simply using the plugin's setting page to nominate the URL of the web pages or a keyboard common to their URL such as "lesson". Any web page tagged for DRM will no longer be accessible to common web browsers and will instead only be accessible to users that are logged in using the ArtisBrowser web browser.

The ArtisBrowser is the only secure web browser that can be recommended for copy protected websites and the only web browser that can identify each user uniquely. Users who are not logged in using the ArtisBrowser are redirected for instructions with download links for the ArtisBrowser. Consequently web pages protected by ArtistScope DRM are most secure without any opportunity for exploit.

ArtistScope copy protections solutions are available for both desktop reading and for online web page display. But it is only when publishing for desktop reading that DRM can be used due to the problems explained above with web page DRM. But now by using ArtistScope DRM web site owners using any one of the copy protect solutions for websites like CopySafe Web Protection, CopySafe Video Protection or the CopySafe PDF Protection software, can add DRM without the risk of conflict with existing membership controls.

The second part of ArtistScope DRM is the backend that provides logging and management functions for site owners to review usage, apply expiration to accounts for subscription management and channel usage via groups, etc. The backend is written in PHP and can be installed on any web site that supports PHP (including all Apache and Windows servers). It can be installed in the site root alongside any CMS like WordPress or it can run from another website.

ArtistScope DRM is provided for free to existing users of ArtistScope website protection software, so that any clients wanting to copy protect pdf, video or data on their web pages can now extend that protection to include the most secure DRM and access rights management.

For obligation free consultation for your protected web project, please contact the ArtistScope support team by email.

Author: William Kent
Date: 26th August 2020

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