Deciding To Use PDF Protection Software Or Site Protection Software?

Different media and working scenarios call for different solutions, especially where PDF is the concern, because even the best site protection software cannot protect PDF when it is left in its natural state, ie: not encrypted. That is because natural PDF can be opened in any PDF reader. Even when embedding the PDF on a web page, which used to be a secure method of displaying PDF online because the toolbar could be customized to remove copy, save and print options. But embedding natural PDF is no longer feasible because PDF readers like Adobe Reader have made customizing their toolbar impossible.

So to display PDF online that is protected from save, copy and print, the PDF file needs to be encrypted and the displayed on the web page using a proprietary reader plugin. Proprietary because it needs be able to decrypt the protected PDF file that has been encrypted so that it can only be displayed on your website. The most secure PDF protection software is the CopySafe PDF software.

PDF Protection SoftwareHowever it is possible to display natural PDF securely while using site protection software, but the raw PDF file can only be used as a reference for JavaScript to dissemble its contents and then display that data as HTML, thus keeping it within the realm of the site protection software, ie: keeping it on the web page. And that of course depends on the site protection software because there is only one solution that can copy protect web content from all save and copy exploits.

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is the only effective copy protection available these days because it uses the ArtisBrowser to create a secure tunnel between website and the user's browser in which nothing can be copied or extracted in any way, not even from browser cache or memory. All other solutions have been rendered useless thanks to the popular browser makers dropping support for anything that can interact at system level where copy needs to be actioned.

ASPS will copy protect the web page and any media on it including images, Flash and video. It can also most securely protect PDF but only when displayed as HTML as described above. But utilizing a JavaScript plugin to render PDF as HTML may be outside of the skills of most web site owners and designers today, especially those relying on CMS like WordPress to create their web pages. CMS pose a problem because all pages are created dynamically using an online page editor that while being most useful tools for amateur site owners, are limited in what code and HTML can be added to a web page.

However there are CMS plugins available for managing ASPS protected web pages and also JavaScript plugins for displaying PDF as HTML. There are also plugins available for all the popular CMS for embedding encrypted PDF created by the CopySafe PDF Protection software.

So to recap on the options for protecting PDF displayed on web pages:

  • Use the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) with a JavaScript PDF plugin.
  • Use CopySafe PDF Protection software with a CMS plugin to display CopySafe PDF.

Both solutions are most secure as they both use the same copy protection methods and the same secure web browser. Both solutions provide much more secure and more effective copy protection than all other copy protection solutions. In fact no other solutions are available for web page use that effectively prevent all screenshots and screen capture. Both solutions can be used on all types of web server including Windows and Linux servers. However ASPS requires a dedicated/virtual server for the permissions to install below the site root.

The only other limitation is that CopySafe PDF Protection software is for Windows computers only. Mac computers can access by running Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels. But the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is supported across all Windows and Mac computers.

The best choice is to get a virtual server and use ASPS. Virtuals can be rented for as little as $10/month and with that you get much more bandwidth than on a crowded/shared server. You also get peace of mind that only you have access to the files stored online.

With ASPS you can nominate which pages and sections to protect without having to alter existing pages. You can most securely copy protect the whole site or just selected pages or sections. Any pages delivered via ASPS will be copy protected and anything displayed on the page (except raw PDF) including text, images and video will also be protected from save, download, screenshots and screen recording.

Author: William Kent
Date: 28th November 2020

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