ArtistScope Provides The Most Secure Web Copy Protection Software

Copy protecting anything displayed online is most dependent on the web browser being used by the site visitor. However since 2015 all of the popular web browsers dropped support for browser plugins that can be used for copy protection, leaving ArtistScope solutions that can effectively copy protect online media, mainly because ArtistScope provide their own web browser, one specially designed to copy protect data and media on web pages.

PDF protection softwareIn fact, now that other web browsers cannot be used, website content can be more secure. Any media displayed in the ArtisBrowser can be more secure than ever imagined as nothing can be copied or extracted in any way, even from browser cache or memory.

Originally designed for use with the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS), the ArtisBrowser has since been optimized for the CopySafe solutions, namely the CopySafe PDF Protection software, CopySafe Web Protection software and the CopySafe Video Protection software. Each of the CopySafe solutions encrypt their media and domain lock them for display on web pages. Those web pages can be hosted anywhere and there are plugins for WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla and DNN to simplify adding embedded media to web pages.

ASPS does not encrypt media but it encrypts the web page prior to delivery to the browser, enabling web designers and site owners to publish web pages as any normal page. For example if using WordPress, one has the freedom to use any one of a hundred or so different plugins for adding images and video to web pages from their online page editor.

However ASPS does require a dedicated or virtual server for the permissions required to install ASPS software at system level. But virtual hosting is today much more economical than in the past with some webhosts advertising virtual servers starting from as little as $10/month. A huge advantage with dedicated and virtual servers is that they have more memory and more bandwidth assigned to them than is available on a shared hosting server. For anyone running an online school or corporate web site with a lot of content it makes more sense to go virtual.

The CopySafe solutions encrypt their media which while on display cannot be screenshot or captured in any way. Anyone trying to download the media file itself will find that it can only displayed on the website that it was encrypted for. CopySafe Video and PDF protection software can be more secure from sharing when distributed with DRM for desktop viewing, but most online schools seem to prefer displaying their media online, especially when using Moodle which was purposely designed as course ware for schools.

No other web copy protection software can be as secure because they are limited by the lack of support that normal web browsers provide. Consequently, only the ArtistScope solutions that are using the ArtisBrowser can effectively prevent all methods of copy. Thus ASPS and CopySafe are the most secure and most effective web copy protection software.

Author: William Kent
Date: 15th October 2020

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