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This Java applet is no longer available.

Java Support

The Zoom Image was the most advanced Java applet for its time and still is. Written in Java it should run from anywhere and forever. However the makers of Java have made a huge mistake and killed off most web applets by requiring them to be code-signed with a current certificate.


If a Java applet has already been code signed and the certificate expired last year, why then should the applet be unsuitable for use? When an applet is code signed, it should be certified for life because any tampering will corrupt the code signing.

But instead webmasters have to return to the applet maker to get an updated applet each year. That would have to be the dumbest and most regressive development ever made for Java security.

But the real thanks goes to the makers of the popular web browsers who have cranked up the functionality of their web browser so much that Java is no longer safe to run in them. The fact that the bitchiest of the big developers that tried to steal Java and got sued hasn't helped.