Upgrades and Revision

What's new in version plugin

  • Faster loading ActiveX security viewer for MSIE based web browsers
  • Support for all Mozilla based web browsers
  • Support for Mac and Linux using watermarked images

What's new in version software

  • Revised templates and insert files
  • Available as a desktop program and also command line operation

Software upgrades

This version replaces all previous CopySafe Web software prior to version 4.0. The software is different and so is the web site html. However you can still use the same encrypted images by updating the html and insert files that display them. This new version does not update earlier version plugins, instead it adds the new version so that visitors will not have problems visiting sites using the older version.

Plugin updates

When a new plugin is available to cater for changes in Internet environment, it is only the csi.js file that needs to modified. The encrypted images and their support files do need updating. The csi.js file checks the visitor's plugin for version number, and if outdated they are redirected to download the latest plugin. When an upgrade is available our support team will send out notices for the download links of the new insert files and plugin installers.

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