Insert files and security settings

Insert file detection and redirection

Every CopySafe Web protected page must have an insert.js file to initially check that the visiting web browser has the CopySafe Web plugin installed, and if not installed, redirect to the appropriate download page for that web browser type.

The settings at the top of the insert file can be modified to reflect the download site that you want to use. You can point to our free download servers or to your own web folders.

Insert file embed tag

Every CopySafe Web protected page must have an insert.js file to write in the embed tag. The insert file can be renamed to anything that you like and renamed differently for each version/level of protection. The recommended practice is to have several differently configured insert files that can be used according to the level of protection that you want to use on any particular page.

Note that Internet Explorer and Firefox web browser types use different plugin types and therefore us different coding for embed tags. The insert files provided in your software download cater for all the scenarios already as default, and you must be careful if editing below the recommended area in the insert script.

Insert file functions

The key functions that you can set to allow/disallow in your insert file are as follows:

  • CaptureSafe - prevent Printscreen and screen capture
          - PrintScreen
          - ScreenCapture

  • KeySafe - prevent the use of the keyboard while page is active
          - ScreenSaver
          - Keyboard
          - PrintScreen
          - BlockKeys

  • MenuSafe - prevent the use of mouse and browser menus while active
          - RightMouseButton
          - BlockMenus
          - Mouse
          - TaskBar

  • RemoteSafe - prevent remote viewing sessions

Setting an option to "1" makes protection active. Setting to "0" makes it inactive (no protection). The default setting (if not specified) is to be active.

CSI Insert version checking

When a new version of the CopySafe Web plugin is to be used, the version number needs to be updated in the CSI insert file. Then if your visitor has an earlier version, they will be redirected for the download to update. Before making any upgrades to version 4.0 from earlier versions, you will need to ensure that your pages comply.

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