Debugging script and cache errors on web pages

Clearing cache

Testing your web pages after making changes to their code may not produce the updated result unless your cache settings in the browser are set properly. You will also need to clear cache (temporary internet files) in the web browser. Depressing the Shift key on your keyboard while reloading a page also helps to get a refreshed page.

However if your ISP or the hosting server is set to hold cached pages (to minimize on data), then the only thing left to do is rename both the test page and the csi insert.

Debugging the CSI script

In the csi insert file, set var m_bDebugging = true; and the script will write in the results of each line to make it easier to track just where your script failed. When finished reset the option back to false. While active m_bDebugging will may verbose comments which should not be active when your pages go live.

Internet Explorer does not have a reliable script debugger but Firefox does. So the best practice is to first test your pages using Firefox with its Script Debugger in an active window and you'll get a full report with hints about any errors to correct.

Recovering from crashes

If there are errors in your page code that is causing browser crashes, until the error is corrected, try setting all security options to off. Then you will have access to the taskbar and hotkeys for manipulating browsers windows, etc.

To test full security options when crashes may occur, try adding your web browser shortcuts to the desktop. For example if IE crashes and leaves you without a task bar, it can be restored by opening a new browser window, revisiting the protected page and then closing that browser window to trigger the plugin to the off state.

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