SafeGuard Website Protection : Web Page Protection

SafeGuard Website Protection utilizes an ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) server to provide the best copy protection for web pages that anyone can use, even websites on shared hosting plans.

ASPS provides the most robust copy protection for all web page media, but it requires a dedicated server or VPS. However SafeGuard Media now provides options for everyone to use ASPS on any web site that uses a CMS like WordPress. SafeGuard Media plugins enable the injection of ASPS into your web pages to add DRM (access rights) or copy protection. With DRM you can control who has access to those pages and how. With copy protection all content and media displayed on the page is most securely protected from all exploits including save, copy, print and screen recording.

DRM protect web pages

SafeGuard DRM

The SafeGuard DRM plugin enables access rights control of any page on your web site that is created by your online page editor. Your DRM protected web pages can include all types of media and content, including live video streams.

Select web pages can have DRM control applied by simply nominating their URL or a keyword common to their hyperlink in the plugin's settings page. Authors can control who has access and for how long by assigning tokens for for each user for specific pages that can be limited by expiry date, or number of days or views.

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Copy protect WordPress

SafeGuard WordPress

SafeGuard WordPress is a plugin that all WordPress site owners can use to embed copy protected media such as images, PDF and video on their web pages that will be safe from all save and copy methods including printscreen and screen recording.

The plugin is used by the WordPress page editor to embed uploaded media in an iFrame that is delivered from a SafeGuard Media server, thus enabling the use of the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) on economical shared hosting websites.

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SafeGuard DRM and SafeGuard WordPress are 2 separate plugins. One applies DRM (access rights control) and the other applies copy protection. Web pages can use either one or both plugins, ie: to apply DRM and copy protection, without any conflict.