Sell Copy Protected eBooks Online With DRM

ArtistScope provides the most secure solution for selling ebooks online, copy protected and safe from sharing and unauthorized distribution.

Selling books online is precarious business when considering how easily your effort can be exploited. For example, most think that the best plan is to maximize sales potential by selling through the "big" online outlets. Unfortunately those outlets prefer cheap publications and offer no protection from unauthorized distribution. Also, it may not be easy to find your book in their listings and at best a search may yield hundreds of closely related titles before getting to yours.

Protect Your Livelihood

Some online book merchants talk about "protection" but it only refers to withholding delivery/download until the book is paid for. Unfortunately this is not protection from copy or unauthorized distribution as the user can copy its contents and also forward that book onto anyone else who in turn can also copy and redistribute. At the end of the day one will be able to search online and find your book for free so the only alternative, if you want to preserve your livelihood and the effort that went into publishing your book, is to properly protect your book so that it cannot be copied or forwarded.

If your book is worthless and you are content in getting anything for it, then by all means sell through the big outlets. But if your book is unique and intended to be "exclusive" then you should consider proper book protection.

The CopySafe eBook Store

When using the CopySafe DRM Portal as your backend you don't need to customize a shopping cart solution as one is already integrated with your DRM account:

  • Conversion for Microsoft Word, Publisher or PDF originals.
  • Shopping cart and sales management.
  • Online reading and billing by time used.
  • Online book cover design tool.

The CopySafe Ebook Store provides an all-in-one solution for protected books and documents. Authors can upload their books and documents, create book cover designs and presentation pages from their online control panel. This service provides DRM control over all aspects of a book subscription including access rights, protection settings and user groups. This service is free to use but is limited to authors who have purchased a license for CopySafe PDF. Books and documents managed by this service can be sold from any other book store or shopping cart making it ideal for already established authors and agents. The DRM services provided here are also ideal for corporate and educational publications.

What ArtistScope DRM Offers For Online Publishing

ArtistScope DRM provides the most secure document protection on the planet, enabling online book stores to properly protect the livelihood of their contributing authors:

  • Document conversion of uploads to copy protected format.
  • Options for copy protection from all methods including screen capture.
  • Options for print prevention and/or limitation of the number of prints allowed.
  • Options for setting expiration by calendar date or days/hours from first use.
  • Total control over access rights with immediate effect even on downloaded files.
  • Provide custom invoicing with download instructions for online delivery.
  • Full statistics and tracking of sales and document usage.

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