Copysafe Video Protection : DRM : Assignment of vidoes to groups

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Posted On: 2019-11-22 at 15:33

Videos can be assigned to any group and made accessible by different means:

Group permissions

Any videos added to a group that has users assigned also will provide access to all of the users in that group. In other words, to make a video available to all users in a group named "Year 1" then add all videos for that course into the same group. That way all users can access all videos belonging to their group.

Evideo permissions

"Evideo" permissions can be used where all videos belong to a group that has no users, so that access for any user can be by special token (Evideo token). For this method it does not matter which group the user belongs to. From a successful online sale an "Evideo token" is created for the user to access the video that they purchased.

Evideo tokens can also be added manually by the admin/author.

Whitelist permissions

Each group can use a "whitelist" to include users from other groups. Such whitelisted users can then access all of the videos belonging to their own group, plus the videos of any group that they may be whitelisted for.