CopySafe Book Store : Can anyone sell from the Copysafe book store?

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Posted On: 2016-10-15 at 24:59

Yes. Well anyone who has either purchased a Copysafe PDF Protector license or subscribed for the DRM Validation Service.

Copysafe PDF Protector

Purchase of the CopySafe PDF Protector software license for $295 is a one-time fee that includes the DRM service without limitation, ebook store listings, ongoing support and upgrades for free for life. You can purchase a license to use CopySafe PDF Protector online.

DRM Validation Service

For short term campaigns, the DRM Validation Service can be rented by paying either monthly payments or pre-purchasing a number of hits (validation requests). However any long term use works out much more economical by simply purchasing the CopySafe PDF Protector software as above.


There is no limit to how many books can be uploaded to the system or how many subscribers you can manage.