CopySafe PDF Crack Key Codes

If you are looking for cracked versions of any of the CopySafe software versions you may be in big trouble because they do not exist. But what does exist is warez sites making false claims to trick you into downloading their key generator which will be an EXE file with the rights to install whatever payload it likes. And that is where your problems will start because that payload could range from password and keyboard loggers to ransom ware.

Why CopySafe Key Generators Do Not Work

First and foremost, the license keys for CopySafe software are not created by a random key generator so there is no pattern for which a generator can work. Sure a number of key codes were initially generated by a random generator, but then they were all remodeled by a human using search and replace several times to arrive at a list of key codes that can never be generated by any formula or algorithm.

ArtistScope have been using this method since 1999 following the very first release of their image protection software which was hacked by someone who was given a working key code by mistake. The mistake was that the person claimed to have registered and although not found in the records, was assumed to be one of the registrations that wasn't recorded due to a glitch at the time. We were able to track down that hacker later and he apologized, claiming that it was by request. We left it at that and made changes to our licensing system to prevent that from ever happening again.

But wait, because there is more to CopySafe key codes than just a number.

CopySafe License Key Validation

All CopySafe applications use server validation of the license key. The software will submit the code that is input to our server to check that it is indeed a valid license key, very much like Windows software validation.

We are not familiar with how Microsoft validation works, but common sense applied to the task suggests that the methods are similar. The license key is not only checked for validity but also how many times it has been used and by whom. Because as with Windows software licensing, licenses are granted for use on ONE computer only. However licensees facing hard drive issues and computer upgrades can contact support for a license count reset.

DRM Services For CopySafe

Even if a crack did exist for CopySafe it would not enable you to use any of the DRM services provided for CopySafe software because DRM accounts for authors need to be created by the network administrator at ArtistScope. Without DRM you can never prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution of your media.

Best Course Of Action

ArtistScope is grateful to the warez community for popularizing our software. But anyone wanting to use the best copy protection available on this planet today should purchase a real license and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it. For example, unlike other software services who will charge you when they improve their software and release a new version, CopySafe licensing includes free upgrades and free support for life. The CopySafe PDF and CopySafe Video solutions also come with a lifetime DRM account on our server for the management of an unlimited number of subscribers, groups and media files. And pricing is most reasonable... a one time fee of $295.

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