Copyright Protection

Is Copyright copy protection?

Copyright is a form of legal protection for people who produce writings, images, music and films. It is a legal right to prevent others from doing such things such as copying and making available online without permission.

Copyright and intellectual property

"Intellectual property is a general term covering a number of areas of law. These include copyright, trademarks and patents.

What Copyright protects

Things that can be protected by copyright include writing, visual images, music, computer programs and films. Copyright protects the way an idea or information is expressed, but not the idea or information itself.

How you get Copyright

You do not need to publish your work, to put a copyright notice on it or to do anything else to be covered by copyright — the protection is free and automatic. There are no forms to fill and there are no fees to be paid. You do not have to send your work to anyone else.

A work is protected automatically from the time it is first written down or recorded in some way, provided that it has resulted from its creator’s skill and effort and is not simply copied from another work. For example, as soon as a poem is written, or a song is recorded, it is already protected.

Copyright is international and works are protected in most countries.

Copyright may not be adequate protection

If one's work is original one can be assured that it is protected by Copyright. However Copyright will not prevent anyone from copying and using your work as their own, except where damage to reputation or punitive damages can be claimed. In most cases, the infringement will not be known and even if detected, it may be a risk expecting to at least reclaim the court costs.

Everyone copies! You only have to take a look at the advertising and entertainment industry to appreciate what they consider fair game... and that is all and everything. Advertising agents use other people's ideas and even borrow the images to make over. And the audio visual industry, the one screaming the loudest about the need to prevent unauthorized distribution of copies is no different. Otherwise, we would not have so many remakes of remakes.

Prevention is better than cure

< For anyone publishing media digitally, especially via the Internet, they are inviting plagiarism and the immediate devaluation of their creativity. With digital content, it can be copied in numerous ways and reproduced in the best quality that is as good as the original using almost any old computer and printer. Preventing the copy of digital content is extremely difficult and in most cases, almost impossible. Not only is it accessible in so many different ways, thanks to the way that developers design their solutions to appease the majority, but most technologies used to prevent copying can or have been reversed by other developers who are hell bent on sabotaging everything simply because it exists.

At best, we can only hope to slow down the expert hackers and prevent mass copying by the newbie masses. At least, it is better than letting everyone have it for free and immediately devaluing your livelihood.

Copy prevention

If you don't want it copied, then do not make it easy for pirates to do so. Don't rely on their integrity and remove the temptation by making it as difficult as possible to copy. Mind you, there are some copy prevention methods that do work and in the right environment, some can be unbeatable. The copy protection solutions presented on this website are the best for their technique/media.