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What is the best and simplest way to protect your online image & what is the best image protect software for online images?

The simplest way to protect an online image is to disable the right-click menu to prevent right-click and selection of save, copy and paste options. But that only removes some of the options for using those actions. However simple people may be impressed, especially when they see so many "web protection" plugins available for WordPress that do only that.

image protect softwareSo let's look at what is needed to protect an image displayed on a web page. Disabling the right-click menu is one of the methods that you will need. To begin what you first need to do is prevent the user from being able to save, select, copy and print. However even after removing those options from the context menu (right-click menu) you also need to prevent them from using those same commands that are available in the web browser's menu bar, and also available by using hot-keys such as Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V for paste.

The ideal here of course is to use a web browser that has been properly designed to copy protect web media as and when desired by the web designer. So you can forget about using any of the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari because they have been designed to do just the opposite, and that is to save, download and plagiarize everything that has been displayed online.

There is hope for image protection software that may be used with popular web browsers. However it involves encryption so that the image source can be protected while stored on a web site and be safe from direct downloads. It also requires a plugin or viewer to decrypt the image and display it on the web page. But again, here is where the popular web browsers fail because they can no longer support browser plugins that can do this securely, thanks to limiting support to only simple plugins based on HTML and JavaScript and everyone knows, or should know by now that anything based on JavaScript will be insecure, especially decryption because the unlock key and decryption function is available with the web page.

Ok, so regardless of browser support, the basic requirements that we have established so far are encryption and a means to domain lock the image so that it cannot be displayed on other sites. Now if one performs a web search on "image protection" one will no doubt get hundreds of results for all sorts of methods. The results starting from the first page will mostly be web blogs plagiarized from another web blog about "how to protect images" plus a variety of different solutions and software most of which at the end of the day are totally useless.

So if you are serious about wanting to protect images and looking for image protect software that really does work, then check out the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) and CopySafe Web. ASPS requires a virtual server to install at server level while CopySafe Web can be used on absolutely any web page hosted anywhere. Now CopySafe Web has provided the best and most secure copy protection for images for more than 20 years, so it beats me why newbies keep creating alternatives that cannot even come close to the level of security and protection that CopySafe Web provides... safe from all copy including PrintScreen and screen capture software with the images stored on the server also safe from your own webmaster... how much better can that be?

Both solutions are supported by the ArtisBrowser web browser which is especially designed to protect web pages and their media when so desired. There is also copy protect software available for PDF and video based on the CopySafe solution. In fact the CopySafe software range are the only software solutions possible today that do prevent all copy, thanks to the ArtisBrowser.

So whether you are looking for image protection software, PDF security software, video protection software or general purpose website protection software, ArtistScope provide the best, most robust and most secure solutions. In fact there is nothing that can be compared to ASPS which provides the most secure protection for all media ever imagined. ASPS creates a secure tunnel between website and web browser that cannot be exploited even by using packet-sniffer software... nothing can be extracted from browser cache or memory.

Author: William Kent
Date: 26th May 2020

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