Why The Professionals Prefer CopySafe PDF Protection Software

Why do the professionals use CopySafe PDF Protection software when there are so many other solutions to choose from and a lot of them are supported across a wider variety of devices?

The answer to that is quite simple... because it provides the most secure PDF protection imaginable. By limiting support to only those operating systems where it can be assured to remain secure, avenues for exploit are not provided at all.

Image Protection SoftwareCopySafe PDF Protection software can be used on all Windows operating systems from Windows XP through to Windows 10. In fact it is one of the few solutions that still support XP because while fake publicity may claim that XP is dead, we at ArtistScope know better and from our user statistics can confirm that 5% of our client's subscribers are still using Windows XP simply because they prefer its simplicity, low memory usage and lack of spyware.

Extending CopySafe support to include other OS and devices has never been considered option because they are too numerous and frankly insecure. Even if they could properly support copy protection, which they cannot be their own design and limitations, they would always be risk because they are ever changing and easily exploited. We at ArtistScope have been catering for the ever changing support and instability in operating systems and web browsers since 1998, and have learned to be prepared for the inevitable radical changes that can cripple software and expose what was once most secure.

Even with Windows it has been a bumpy ride, but with Mac OS and the OS commonly used on amusement devices like mobile phones, it can only be considered a circus, with every new release offering yet another attraction to entertain personal device addicts. Yes, we do get a lot of enquiries for mobile phone support, but why open backdoors to what has always been the most effective copy protection and most secure DRM for PDF documents on the planet since it was released.

And that is why the professionals, those whose livelihoods depend on the protection and the prevention of unauthorized distribution of their intellectual property, choose CopySafe PDF Protection software. Here are just some of the features lacking in alternative solutions:

  • Copy protection safe from all copy including screenshots and screen recording.
  • Password protection and DRM cannot be removed or exploited in any way.
  • Can deployed for desktop reading and also displayed on web pages.
  • Set limitations for expiry by hours/days from first use, print and view count.
  • Lock subscriber access to the user's computer/s thus preventing sharing.

CopySafe PDF Protection software is also most economical and for a onetime fee of only $295 it includes FREE support and upgrades for life. No expiring support contacts and unlimited use of our DRM server to manage an unlimited number of subscribers, groups and documents for life. Authors selling ebooks and courses online can utilize the free online book cover designer and link sales from our online store to automate the addition of new subscribers. Of course selling books via our online store is also free of commissions and fees.

How and why we offer so much for so little is because we believe that continued use by our clients is the best advertising.

So whether it is corporate data, commercial ebooks or online courses that need protecting, if livelihoods are at stake, then CopySafe PDF Protection is the best choice for you also. Even if distributing artwork, plans or drawings, by publishing them as PDF you also have the most secure and most effective image protection software. No image protection software for desktop reading can compare to the sophisticated CopySafe PDF solution. To employ copy protection and access rights (DRM) all you need to do is add your images to a PDF and then encrypt using the CopySafe PDF Protector application.

Author: William Kent
Date: 19th November 2020

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