When Site Protection Software Is About Copy Protection And Not Virus Protection

Too many times has site protection software been confused with virus protection, and the main reason for that is false advertising by anti-virus software makers targeting the naive and misleading them into thinking that by using their software on a web site that their web pages will protected from being hacked.

web site protection softwareWeb sites do get hacked for various reasons. Sometimes for simple mischief, sometimes by competitors in an attempt to defame and sometimes to deliver an infected payload or to add links to websites that might be counted as backlinks. Yes, that is right, even the SEO industry is walking on the dark side and to improve search ranking and traffic to their site, there is no limit as to what some are prepared to do.

How they get their content onto your web site is usually because you left a door open. Ok, so over the years some server operating systems have been known to be exploited, but those holes are usually patched and updates available before anyone does get hacked. But the number one hole that is left exposed is write permissions on files and folders on your web site. By giving write permission to the public you are enabling everyone connected to the Internet the right to upload and alter your files.

If you have functions for site visitors to upload content to your web site those functions need to be secured. If you are using a CMS like WordPress you need to not only use the latest version of WordPress to ensure that newly discovered exploits have been patched, but also be careful about the plugins and add-ons that you install to extend the features of your site. Many times we are invited to solve problems on CMS sites only to discover that the site owner has downloaded almost every add-on and plugin available for that CMS without even caring about the consequence. If they are lucky and not providing a hole to exploit, then so many different add-ons will surely be causing a conflict with other add-ons and perhaps even preventing the site itself from running as it was designed.

Using an antivirus software or intrusion detection software on your web site or server cannot save you if you leave doors open. And then it probably won't do any more than what common sense can do anyway.

Now what we have been referring to as "site protection" for more than 20 years since we invented "Copy Protection" for the Internet is just that... protecting website content from theft and plagiarism to protect the artist's livelihood, and in doing so, we have created the most secure site protection solutions for all media that have ever been imagined.

If you want to copy protect images, ArtistScope provide the most secure image protect software for GIF, JPG and PNG images while they are viewed online. Those images are also secure from company staff and web hosting staff because the images are encrypted using domain lock. While on display they cannot be screen captured and the downloaded image file is useless unless displayed on your web site.

If you want to copy protect PDF then ArtistScope provide the most secure and most effective copy protection for PDF documents that cannot be exploited or copied. CopySafe PDF can be distributed for desktop reading or viewed on web pages.

If you want to copy protect video then ArtistScope also provide the most effective and most robust video protection for both desktop reading and viewing online from web pages.

All of these copy protect solutions can be used together. They are compatible with each other and can also be used in conjunction with the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS). In fact it is interesting to note that while all of these solutions can be used to protect media displayed on a web site, there are no other alternatives because none of them have web browser support.

Web browsers have never purposely supported "copy protection" for web media and in fact have tried their hardest to be most popular by providing every opportunity for anyone to download, pirate and plagiarize web media. It was only a matter of time before they blatantly dropped support for anything that could be useful for protecting media.

ArtistScope has been battling browser changes for more than 20 years and it was the "popular browsers", the ones that all site owners insist on supporting, that provided the holes in what could have been the most secure solutions all along. So it was inevitable that ArtistScope develop its own web browser, and one properly designed from the ground up to protect web media and the livelihood of authors and artists.

Site protection software is about media protection and image protect software, and not about virus protection. As web hosts, internet service providers and software developers catering for software running as a service (SAAS) on all types of servers for more than 20 years, we have never had the need to install anti-virus software on a web server or website.

Author: William Kent
Date: 7th January 2020

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