When PDF Protection Software Is Better Than Website Protection Software

Even the best website protection software cannot copy protect PDF when it is embedded on a web page. That is unless you also use PDF protection software. While the ArtistScope Site Protection System provides the most secure copy protection for all media that can be displayed on a web page, it fails to prevent visitors from saving, copying or printing a normal PDF file even though it may be embedded on the web page. We can all thank Adobe for that since they changed their browser plugin support so that those options shown on the reader's toolbar can no longer be disabled.

website protection softwareSo to effectively secure and display copy protected PDF on a web page you now must use PDF protection software, and one that does work in a modern web browser. But here the options are limited because there is only one PDF protection software that is secure, prevents all copy and save, and does work in a modern web browser.

The CopySafe PDF Protection software provides the most secure copy protection, most secure and most robust than any other PDF protect software and it is the only secure PDF software that is supported in a modern web browser. However there is only web browser that can be used, but that is a blessing in disguise because without such a limitation, website designers would be tempted to allow access to all of the popular web browsers which were never designed to protect web content at all. In fact much the opposite, because in their plight to be popular, they make it as easy as possible to download, save, copy, print and otherwise collect and steal web content. But now that they have all opted to drop support in favor of simple apps of the type that runs on amusement devices like mobile phones, the world can be a much protected and more secure place to showcase intellectual property and corporate data.

Originally designed to decrypt data streamed from a web server providing a secure tunnel between website and web browser, the ArtisBrowser was created to provide a more stable and more secure web browser application for the display of copy protected web content. The ArtisBrowser originally began as limited web reader, but today is as sophisticated as any other modern browser except for one key feature, in that when it encounters protected content it switches to "protected mode" in which nothing can be copied in any way including the use of PrintScreen, screen capture, right click, drag'n'drop, view source etc. In fact when SSL is used the data sent between server and ArtisBrowser cannot be extracted from browser cache or memory, even by using packet sniffing software.

So when copy protecting web pages and media by using any one of the CopySafe solutions, your media can be more secure than ever imagined. CopySafe was the first solution ever developed for the absolute copy protection and protection from all avenues of copy including PrintScreen and screen capture. It has provided the standard for what all copy protection clones have strived to achieve and today it comes in 3 distinct flavors to cater for 3 different media, namely images, PDF and video. Each solution uses military grade encryption to ensure that the media can only be opened and displayed in its proprietary reader.

For desktop reading DRM can be applied to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution. Even the DRM that CopySafe uses is most unique in that it requires a call-to-home server response which provides authors with total control over all aspects with immediate affect over any changes made, even to media already saved to a user's computer or still out in the wild on CD. For online viewing the encrypted media uses another protection technique first developed for CopySafe known as "domain lock" which prevents media from being displayed away from the web site for which it was intended.

Whether using website protection software or PDF protection software, if you are using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Moodle, deploying your protected media on web pages has never been easier. Add-on plugins are available for all of the CopySafe solutions to use in those CMS that greatly simplify the task of embedding protected media onto web pages and posts. From the inline page editor, site owners can simply select the media file for upload, and place it where they like on the page while setting individual copy protect settings for that page.

Then as the page loads online, the visitor is checked for web browser type and redirected for download if not using the ArtisBrowser. Access to the coy protected page can only be via ArtisBrowser, leaving your protected page and the protected media safe from all other access and avenues of exploit. While displayed in the ArtisBrowser, your protected content will be safe from all save, copy, print methods and safe from other software that may have been designed to download or collect media in any other way.

No other solution can provide such all round protection and such comprehensive support for all scenarios.

Author: William Kent
Date: 18th February 2020

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