What Is Required Of Good Image Protect Software

Whether one is going to protect images or copy protect PDF, then one needs to be aware of all the avenues that can threaten the success of a good media protection solution. PDF and images that are available to the public are those available from web sites and that is where it can be quite difficult to protect them, especially when considering that popular web browsers have always made it easy to exploit and save and media displayed on web pages.

Image protect softwareWhen an image or PDF is displayed on a web page, while displayed in a web browser, it can be saved, copied or printed by either right mouse clicking on the image or by going to the browser's tool bar and selecting an option form there. Even if right-click is disabled, the save, copy and print options are still available in the browser tool bar. Those are the options available for copying your image or PDF while the page is open in a normal web browser.

Then there are software applications that spider web sites and index their pages and/or media for the user's selection to download and save. For that, all they need is access to your home page and the software explores your site via all of the hyperlinks that you have provided, just like a search engine.

Then there are search engines where you can nominate a keyword such as "nokia camera" and then opt to show all images and PDF matching that criteria. Every image and PDF on the web will be made available to the search collection, and without the web site owner or copyright owner's approval. So unless you want all of your images shared and used by the public domain, you need to do something about protecting them. Otherwise those images and PDF can be copied while on display on a web page, can be downloaded directly from their resource link, and they can be stolen from the web server.

Copy protection can be applied to images, PDF and their web pages while on display and how effective the security is depends on the PDF protection or image protect software being used and the web browser used by the visitor. The most effective image protection solutions are the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) and CopySafe Web which prevent all copy including PrintScreen and screen capture software. However the only web browser that can be used to day with any effective copy protect software is the ArtisBrowser because all other browsers have been reduced to supporting simple apps only (like those used on mobile phones). To copy protect PDF CopySafe PDF is by far the most effective and robust PDF protection software.

To prevent direct downloads from their resource links, for example the link given on a web page for the image resource (hyperlink), either the page needs to be encrypted so that its HTML is not readable to all and sundry, or the images and PDF need to be encrypted so that they are not usable anywhere else except from your web page. For web page encryption, ASPS provides the most secure tunnel between server and visitor via the ArtisBrowser where media and image resource links are most secure, even from packet sniffers. For the most secure image encryption CopySafe Web locks images to the web site that they were encrypted for so that they cannot be used elsewhere. For the most secure PDF encryption CopySafe PDF likewise locks PDF to the owner's web site.

To protect images stored on web servers and in media servers, both CopySafe Web and Secure Image use encryption with domain lock, which means that the site displaying the image becomes the decryption key so that they cannot be used on any other web site (or locally viewed). Consequently such images are safe from your company staff and web hosting staff who might have access to the server. They are also safe from hackers and if celebrities had the sense to upload their porn to secure image repositories they wouldn't be in so much strife. But then by not being exposed, they probably wouldn't give cause for so much publicity anyway and therefore less of a celebrity.

To recap, we have 3 areas of concern... while on display, their download links and server storage. The solutions mentioned above cater for all 3 problem areas and the same strategies can be applied to other media such as PDF and video. For example if you want to copy protect PDF, you need to prevent copy while it is on display, protect its resource link and secure it from pirates on the server.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides the best and most secure all round protection for all media display online from web pages and/or stored on web servers, while CopySafe Web provides the most secure image protection online. In fact today, those two solutions are the only image protect software that can provide secure and effective copy protection in a web browser.

Author: William Kent
Date: 9th October 2019

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