Website Protection & PDF Security Software For Corporate Networks

The use of website protection and PDF security within corporate networks to protect intellectual property and sensitive data requires the most secure solution and without compromise.

Enabling access to devices outside of the corporate intranet opens avenues for exploit, as does allowing access from devices that cannot be secured properly. Consequently, allowing access from the Internet and from mobile phones double the risk of exploit. Mobile phones can be lost, stolen and hijacked, so they should never be allowed to access sensitive data, even for the gods of the organization.

website protection softwareThe best software and the most popular choice by professionals is Microsoft Windows for the servers and workstations, and the most secure PDF security and website protection software on Windows is provided by ArtistScope.

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) can provide the most secure browsing experience where nothing can be copied or exploited in any way. Only the ArtisBrowser can view ASPS web pages and each workstation can be identified by unique computer ID so that access can be limited to individuals and departments (groups) within the organization. ArtisBrowser cannot be exploited as it will not support foreign extensions and its copy protection mechanisms cannot be disabled. Anyone packet filtering within the network can only get encrypted data. Nor can data be extracted from the ArtisBrowser cache or memory.

Different web pages can be governed by variable protection settings and configured to suit the user and the application. For example data reports can be set to allow printing but not saving or screen capture.

However if you do want to provide outside (internet) access to privileged users, you can do that most securely by validating the user's computer ID. For example department managers or field agents can be allowed to login from the Internet from a notebook as each computer ID is unique and cannot be exploited.

Data and information contained within a more portable document format such as PDF, can most securely protected by using CopySafe PDF Protection software. CopySafe PDF security includes options for employing DRM, which like ASPS, identifies each user by unique computer ID to ensure that even if the file is copied and shared with others, none will be able to open that document to view its contents unless they also have DRM rights to do so.

If PDF documents are to be viewed online from web pages, then CopySafe PDF Protection software is again the best solution. In fact it is the only solution that can display PDF on web pages while copy protecting its contents from all methods of save, copy and print as and when necessary.

What CopySafe PDF Protection software has to offer that no other PDF security can offer is a completely in-house DRM solution that includes document conversion to protected format from upload through to indexing per group and departmental access. CopySafe DRM server can be installed on any Windows server to provide live call-to-home user validation for intranet only or Internet as well.

Some typical usage scenarios include offshore oil drilling works, pharmaceutical companies, parts warehouses, telecoms, universities and banks. For PDF security software and data protection, think ArtistScope!

Author: William Kent
Date: 10th November 2020

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