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Utilizing copy protection software on web sites has never been a simple task as it has always required more than the usual web design skills. And today, web designers with anything more than familiarity with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle are a rare commodity. That is if one is needed at all, because today anyone can create and build web sites using one of those CMS.

Web Copy Protection Software For CMSHowever adding any content to them that is out of the ordinary, such as the simple text and media that those CMS are designed for, can be most complex and usually incompatible with the next CMS upgrade which will likely overwrite your modified code. Any additional code or customization for the use of custom players or readers needs to be maintained so that upgrades will not affect them.

The solution to that problem is the use of plugins designed for the CMS. Then CMS updates will not overwrite such plugins and your modification can be perpetually available. As to whether the plugin will still be compatible with the CMS version remains to be seen. But most plugin developers keep abreast of such changes and provide updated plugins for new CMS versions as and when needed.

How these CMS plugins work is by injecting custom code as and when necessary. For example, not all pages will require the custom code as not all pages will require copy protection. But pages designated for copy protection can be just like any other page on that site. But if designated for copy protection then the CMS plugin can inject the necessary code to check if a user does indeed have access rights, check if they are using the appropriate application, and add the appropriate code to the page for objects like proprietary document readers or video players.

ArtistScope has copy protection software for all media. So whether you want to copy protect PDF, copy protect web pages, or copy protect video, ArtistScope have a solution to cater for both desktop reading that can be distributed by email, download or on disk, or a solution for web page display while viewed using a web browser.

In fact ArtistScope solutions are today the only solutions capable of securely copy protecting web content because they provide the missing ingredient, which is a web browser that still supports real browser plugins that are capable of system level interaction. Without being able to action at system level, a copy protection solution cannot perform the tasks that are needed such as uniquely identifying the user and preventing all techniques of copy, save and screen capture.

ArtistScope provides add-on plugins for all of the popular CMS for utilizing and managing their web copy protection software solutions. Other CMS like WIX , while useful for simple home pages, are useless for anything else because they do not allow access to their code for customization.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS as it is often included in economical hosting packages as an option, thus saving the site owner the fuss of installing and configuring. WordPress has 1,000s of different types of plugins available for all sorts of tasks. However all of the plugins for "copy protection" are useless except for those supporting ArtistScope solutions. Mainly because while they advertize themselves as "copy protect" they don't do anything more than make it difficult to use the right-mouse menu. A closer inspection usually leads to conclusions that the plugin has been plagiarized (they are all open-source) for the sake of promoting the coder's name or services like web hosting. But who thinks that "hey, look at me I am a thieving monkey-brain!" is good for business?

Drupal and Joomla seem to be preferred by connoisseurs wanting more than what WordPress offers. I have no argument there as WordPress is commonly targeted by every script kiddy on the planet. Moodle seems to be the preferred CMS for online education systems. In fact Moodle is not good for much else as it is not designed to serve normal pages accessible by the public at all. Instead, Moodle caters for course level access to members managed by tutors and even includes online exams , reviews, etc. Moodle is complex and there is a huge learning curve in how to use all of its features.

With ArtistScope plugins for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress, adding copy protected media to pages and posts has never been so easy. From the online page editor, simply click to upload and add protected media to your designated position on the page. Whether you want to copy protect PDF, copy protect video, or copy protect web pages, ArtistScope has the best web copy protection software available.

Author: William Kent
Date: 4th September 2019

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