The Most Sophisticated DRM For PDF Security And PDF Protection Software

The most sophisticated DRM features ever found in any PDF security software are provided with CopySafe PDF Protection software. The DRM portal account that is included for free and without limitation to all CopySafe PDF Protection software licensees includes all sorts of security options, some of which will not be found elsewhere. The live DRM management provides total control over all aspects, with immediate effect on any changes made, even to PDF that is already saved to a user's computer or still out in the wild on CD.

PDF security softwareExpiration and print control not only allows for setting expiry by calendar date and switching print on or off, but with expiration, expiry can also be set for a number of days or hours commencing from the user's first opening. That way expiration can be set without ever having to change them when the date matures. As for printing, an author can nominate just how many prints or views of a PDF document are allowed before the document expires.

User access is locked to each computer and identified by an algorithm based on hard drive serial number, manufacturer and other details to provide a unique ID that cannot be duplicated or mistaken. Authors can limit access to PDF documents by limits set on the user, the document or the user's group for the number of computers allowed, so that additional computer may be used in cases where staff are on the road using laptops or home computers.

Access right permissions can be assigned by group or token. Group permissions are most useful for assignment of course level material to class levels and ebook tokens can be assigned per individual PDF document and user according to which "ebook" that they purchase in the online book store. That's right, the DRM portal even includes its own online book store that is integrated with the DRM portal for the management and sales of ebooks and automatic assignment of DRM accounts from successful sales.

Documents managed by DRM to prevent sharing can be distributed by email, download or on disk. Such documents cannot be accessed until the user is added as a subscriber with defined access right. So it is quite safe to distribute DRM protected documents anywhere because no-one can open them until they have the authors explicit permissions to do so.

For many years other PDF protection vendors claimed that the CopySafe PDF Protection software DRM control was impossible. But that was only because they needed to cover their own ignorance and get time to study how ours does work. It took two years before the copy protectors could steal and imitate it.

CopySafe PDF DRM is always being improved and new features added and customized to better suit client needs. With over 700 corporations, universities and other educational institutions using CopySafe PDF protection software to protect their livelihood, ArtistScope gets quality feedback and listens to their needs. For example one of the more recent new features is the option for using joined groups so that students in one group can have access to the lessons in other groups. A working scenario of that usage is when students are grouped in classes like "Year One" and may be studying a selection of subjects. However each of those subjects might include numerous documents and lessons that may be phased in and out throughout the year.

The DRM portal software is also available for purchase and installation on the client's server. That way the client can not only keep their DRM service in-house or within an intranet with no outside access, but they can also have the security policy customized to better suit their organization and operation. For example, one client DRM portal that was installed a couple of months ago is currently being customized for many authors who are representing newspapers to share a common user base but individually monitor and bill for the reading of their individual newspapers online.

There is no limit to the customization possible to cater for any project that a client can imagine. One such customization that comes to mind is the DRM portal that we built for publishing university papers. Students could upload their research papers so that others could purchase and study them. The site operator shared the proceeds with the authors, with advertising, sales and user management all administrated from the DRM portal. I recall that the most difficult part of that customization was building in a plagiarism checker to prevent students from stealing and selling the work of others.

So for the best PDF security software and the most secure PDF protection software that cannot be exploited in any way, look no further than CopySafe PDF Protection. Even if DRM is not required and you simply want to display protected PDF on web pages on your website, CopySafe PDF Protection is provided with free add-ons for your web site to simplify the uploading and adding protected PDF to pages and posts from your CMS editor, whether it be DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle or WordPress driven.

Author: William Kent
Date: 2nd December 2019

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