The Best Web Copy Protection Software Ever Imagined Just Got Better

Since the first days of copy protection for the Internet, keeping abreast of continual changes to operating systems and web browsers, has been an ongoing challenge and times most cruel for those wanting to copy protect their livelihood and those trying to provide secure copy protection software.

Unlike with desktop software that is a self contained application and runs independently from things like Internet connectivity and firewall rules, any web copy protection software is dependent an Internet connection and the web browser being used to display the copy protected web pages. Not only are all web browsers different, few of them actually conform to an accepted WC3 standards. With each new version of the many different browsers we saw radical changes that either dropped support for needed features or added functions to enable users to more easily save, copy and otherwise exploit web media.

website copy protection softwareSo building a copy protected website has been like building on quicksand for a very long time. That is, up till now because all popular web browsers have dropped support for plugins that can action at system level where one needs work to prevent copy and screen capture, making the choice of web site designers very much more clear when it comes to allowing access to protected content to web browsers that were always in opposition to the protection of intellectual data. Now the only web browser suitable for copy protected websites is the ArtisBrowser which has been specially designed throughout to prevent copy and not provide the usual functions for exploiting web security.

ArtistScope has always had its finger on the pulse of copy protection and in 2011 created the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) to create a secure tunnel between website and the user's web browser. because ASPS pages are encrypted the ArtisBrowser was created, initially to display ASPS web pages only. But since all web browser makers have dropped support for anything suitable for effective copy protection, the ArtisBrowser has been available for use for all web content. The only difference between ArtisBrowser and the other "popular" web browsers is that when ArtisBrowser loads an ASPS web page it goes into copy protect mode in which nothing can be saved or copied.

With so many radical changes to browsers and operating systems over the years, ArtistScope has survived only by supporting the most stable OS to provide real copy protection for those who depend on it to protect their livelihood. Today ASPS is the only effective copy protection that can be applied to website content and that mainly because it comes with its own web browser to better support web security.

The ASPS website protection software can be installed on all types of web servers including Windows and Linux servers and each license includes an unlimited number of sub-domains when hosted on the same server. Up till now ASPS has provided the most secure website protection ever imagined across all versions of the Windows OS. In fact it is the only secure web solution that still caters for Windows XP because while everyone claims that XP is dead, more than 5% of Internet users are still using Windows XP.

But now it even gets better, because by the end of September a new Mac OSX version of ArtisBrowser is being released so that ASPS protected websites can be accessed from all popular desktop computers. That means that anyone wanting to copy protect all web page media including video can now most securely cater for all desktop users. Amusement devices such as mobile phones, while the may be an addiction, will always remain unsecured because of their nature... they are too numerous, too different, too limiting and too unstable for anyone to waste their time maintaining a secure platform on them... even if the device makers allowed it, which they don't!

Catering for mobile phones will only provide holes in security like web designers did before by trying to please their visitors and cater for all web browsers, even though those web browsers were the enemy of copy protection. Time to get real... if you want to protect your livelihood, don't leave it out for grabs.

As proof of concept and to show just how easily and most comprehensively ASPS web site protection software can be, the ArtistScope team have created an online demo where anyone can simply type in the url of a web page (hosted anywhere) and see how effective ASPS can be copy protecting any web page, even remotely without changing anything on that page.

ASPS most securely protects all data, images and other media such as video. However it does not protect PDF that remains readable in Adobe Reader. To properly copy protect PDF you need to either use the CopySafe PDF Protection software or a JavaScript plugin that dissemble the PDF and displays it as HTML. Then it can remain in the copy protected realm of ASPS. Such plugins are available for most popular CMS as are the plugins for ASPS Tag Management which simply adding copy protection to any page by nominating its url or a keyword found in its url such as "lesson" or "course".

To see how ArtistScope copy protection software has confounded its competitors for more than 2 decades, please visit copy-protect-any-page-anywhere. You will of course be required to use the ArtisBrowser, and while any page should work, you will find that YouTube blocks mirroring of their content to support their ad network.

Author: William Kent
Date: 9th September 2020

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