Site Protection Software To Protect Data And Prevent Hackers From Defacing Your Website

ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) provides the most secure and most comprehensive website security that can be used on any type of web server and for any type of website. In fact there is no other website copy protection software that can compare.

Web pages protected by the ArtistScope Site Protection Software are not only protected from all methods of copy and save to prevent plagiarism and data theft, but those web pages are delivered via a secure tunnel created between the web server and the user's web browser. The ArtisBrowser web browser is required to display those pages and it is the only application that decrypt the data sent by the ASPS web site filter. Other web browsers and data sniffers cannot decode the web page and in fact do not get to see the encrypted message at all because that data is sent to the ArtisBrowser only. Consequently hackers have no means to exploit any database on the other side of ASPS web pages because there is no direct access.

website copy protection software So any web sites delivered dynamically like WordPress or Moodle websites can be most secure when the whole of the database driven pages are delivered via the ArtistScope Site Protection Software. The ASPS server filter can be installed on any Windows and Apache web servers. However a dedicated or virtual server is required for the permission and rights to install software at the server's system level (below root).

It doesn't matter which programming language is used to create your web pages because the ASPS filter is applied to the web page that is sent to the user's web browsers, ie: the assembled HTML that the ArtisBrowser receives. Plugins are available for all of the popular CMS such as WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla and DNN that very much simplify the site owner's task of using the ASPS website copy protection software on any web page, the whole website or parts thereof. In fact all one needs to do is nominate the URL or a keyword found in the url of web pages to trigger the plugin which dynamically injects the code to use. Consequently no pages need to be customized and ASPS protection can be applied to any web page within a CMS.

If not using one of the above mentioned CMS, all it takes to add ASPS protection is a few lines of HTML on the pages to be protected. That code can be hard coded or added conditionally in your templates. With that code, site owners can nominate whether to apply copy and capture protection, prevent printing and prevent page saving, allow or disallow access from remote computers (shared desktops), allow access from Mac computers and much more, such as displaying the page in Kiosk mode in which no tool bar or menu is provided for a most secure read only experience.

The ArtistScope Site Protection Software is ideal for online courses and in a secure exam scenario, it has no equal because nothing can be captured or saved and nothing can be extracted from browser cache or memory. Most website copy protection solutions require that web page media be encrypted but ASPS will most securely protect any and all data and media in its raw (unencrypted) state except PDF. Raw PDF poses a problem even when embedded on a web page because it can still be read using Adobe Reader which enforces save, print and copy options to undermine the copy protection of its competitors. For PDF on web pages CopySafe PDF Protection is most recommended or one of the JavaScript plugins that dissembles the PDF file and then displays it as HTML which keeps the PDF data within the secured realm of ArtistScope Site Protection Software.

Websites displaying video for online courses will find that the ArtistScope Site Protection Software is most supportive and compatible with all types of embedded video players, enabling site owners the freedom to choose any video file format and streaming service at their disposal. For example video can be streamed from any media service including Vimeo, and videos can be hosted on any server including Amazon. As website copy protection software, ASPS has been designed to provide the most secure all round protection ever imagined.

The ArtisBrowser is now available for all Windows computers since Windows XP and for all Mac OSX computers since version 10.11. For an obligation free consultation for your copy protected website, please use the email contact form.

Author: William Kent
Date: 18th February 2020

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