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If your livelihood depends on preventing the content published in PDF from copy and unauthorized distribution, the PDF protection software that you use needs to be the best and the most secure protection software available. That is why the CopySafe PDF Protection software is the preferred choice above all other solutions.

PDF security softwareDeveloped by ArtistScope who have been the leading developers of copy protection software since they first invented such a thing, every feature is so much more developed and more sophisticated than any other PDF software. That is because the team at ArtistScope know the difference, they know what it is like to have intellectual property, and they know how to protect it from absolutely all avenues of exploit.

Whether distributing intellectual property in the form of documentation or distributing plans and drawings as digital images, by converting them to PDF you can use CopySafe PDF Protection software as image protect software and with DRM management for user rights control. There is no image protect software that can do that.

If you want to copy protect PDF displayed on web pages, then you will find that the CopySafe PDF Protection software is the only solution that can be used on web pages that is secure from all copy and save exploits. If you want to protect PDF distributed for desktop reading, then you will find that the DRM options for CopySafe PDF are so much more sophisticated and versatile. In fact most of the copy cats still don't understand how ArtistScope DRM works.

When it came to developing a DRM solution for CopySafe PDF, ArtistScope looked at the possibilities and noticed that everyone else was using token files distributed for use with DRM protected media. But ArtistScope has been developing encryption software since 1998 and knows that such token files can be easily hacked and exploited. Also, once a DRM token file has been downloaded and saved to a user's computer, the author no longer has any control over that user's privileges. For example, if that person leaves the company, they get to keep all of the company's sensitive data and the access privileges that go with it. Another problem scenario is revoked payment and fraud. For example if a user purchases the rights to use something via PayPal and then lies about delivery/service to get that payment refunded, how do you cancel their subscription?

So ArtistScope developed live call-to-home DRM where the PDF reader queries an online database for current privileges every time the PDF document is opened. That way a user's access rights and permissions can be altered or cancelled at any time with immediate effect, even on PDF already saved to the user's computer or still out in the wild on disk. Needless to say, every other PDF protection provider claimed that such things were not possible. But that is only because they could not understand how it worked or develop software that could do that. All competitors claimed that it was false advertising, that is, until they finally worked out how do it some four years later.

Imagine being able to not only set expiration of a PDF document by calendar date, but also set an expiry in hours or days that applied to each individual user at any time. The benefit here is that when setting an expiry date by calendar, that all of those documents will eventually expire and then will need resetting to make active again. But with expiry by hours or days, the expiry setting is eternal, and that is because with live call-to-home DRM each user's activity can be logged starting from the first use of each document.

Such sophisticated expiration options are not the only advantages when compared to the other PDF protection solutions. ArtistScope DRM has been used by thousands of companies and authors worldwide since 2008, all of which have had different needs, and the online DRM account features provided for CopySafe PDF have since been customized and improved to cater for all of those needs.

Imagine being able to add a million subscribers, create a million different groups, have subscribers be a member of several groups and then assign PDF documents to different groups so that you can set class syllabus and so forth. Imagine being able to set expiration to apply to individual users, each group and per document. Then imagine being able to sell online without needing a website and have new subscribers added automatically from a successful transaction with the user's login details and download instructions sent by email automatically. Imagine being able to customize the email templates for each action. Imagine being able to design ebook cover designs online and synchronize them with your online bookstore product pages.

Now Imagine what it can be like to use the Rolls Royce of PDF protection with the most sophisticated DRM management ever conceived. Because that is what you get with CopySafe PDF Protection and it only costs a one-time fee of $295 to include DRM management, free software upgrades and free support for life!

Author: William Kent
Date: 19th August 2020

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