Prevent Copy Of Text In PDF Files, Is It That Simple?

Preventing copy of text in PDF files, is it that simple? Well as most PDF security software claims that it is simple and that they have a solution when they cannot stop copy at all, then it cannot be not so easy at all, right? So why do they make such claims? That may be better understood when realizing that their intended market is not technically minded and has little experience on computers beyond being able to type well enough to create a document that can be published in PDF format or on a web blog.

web copy protection softwareAuthors and teachers have no need to know about anything more than copy-n-paste, so when looking for copy protection software all they will be looking for is a solution that prevents copy and paste. Even the most simplest of copy protect solutions begins with disabling the right-click mouse menu to prevent select, copy and paste options. And too many people are naive to believe that is all they need. To better understand the extent of that naivety, just look at how many different brands of Content Protection plugins are available for WordPress. They all do very little more than disable right-mouse click, are all plagiarized from other examples of the same nonsense, and are all useless in preventing copy. Yet performing a web search on web copy protection software results in a plethora of highly ranked offerings, highly ranked because those duplicating by plagiarism have not stopped at false advertising and keyword spamming.

So let's get real... disabling right-click menus will NOT stop copy-n-paste because those options are still available in the web browser tool bar and by using the default hotkeys such as Ctrl-S for select, Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V for paste. So regardless of whether you are publishing for desktop reading or reading online from a web page, the use of JavaScript to prevent copy is a useless concept.

Did you get that? That JavaScript is useless for preventing copy? Now realize that all web browser extensions and apps for mobile phones are limited to the use of JavaScript and that by allowing access to copy protected media to those devices is providing a huge avenue to exploit your intellectual property and corporate data. JavaScript cannot disable web browser functions or system-wide hotkeys. Nor can it prevent the use of the clipboard or access to your graphics card memory. In fact any plugins used by modern web browsers can no longer do much at all as nothing can be done at system level which is where copy protection needs to be actioned. That is why our PDF security software uses a proprietary reader and our web copy protection software uses the ArtisBrowser web browser. Anything less is not the security level that we want to provide and we provide these solutions because they are so much better than anything else that assumes to imitate them.

After all, ArtistScope is about the copy protection of the artist's livelihood. All of our solutions are original concepts properly designed for that task. They have evolved due to the need of artists and authors and not from plagiarism. If others in the copy protection industry were more interested in their clients than faking for profit, they would be recommending the use of our solutions as the best choice for professionals.

After more than 20 years since we invented copy protection for the Internet, our solutions still provide the most secure and most effective copy protection for all media, and instead of paying hundreds of dollars per month, paying for support contracts and hoping that your provider doesn't liquidate too soon, for ArtistScope software you only pay $295 as a one-time purchase price which includes free support and upgrades for life. With each license DRM services are included without limitation, as well as listing in our online store for commission free sales that automatically update your subscriber list for DRM control. Author DRM management accounts cater for an unlimited number of documents, subscribers and groups with immediate effect on any changes made to protection settings, even to PDF documents and videos already saved to a user's computer or still out in the wild on disk. Login and usage statistics are provided with options to set copy protection settings per document, group or individual subscriber. Protected document and video records are integrated with the online store to create product pages and also create new book cover images from the integrated online book designer tool. All one needs to start selling copy protected media with automated subscriber management is a PayPal account.

Is there anything left unprotected? Well if in need of the ultimate web copy protection software, then look no further than the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) because there is nothing that compares. Not only are web pages safe from all methods of download, save, copy, print, data mining and media extraction, but their resources and data cannot be extracted from web browser cache or memory. To use ASPS, all one needs is to upgrade their shared web hosting service to a virtual web server for the admin rights to install ASPS at server level. These days virtual servers can be rented for less than $10/month which may even be cheaper than your current shared hosting plan.

If a virtual or dedicated server is not possible for some reason, then you can always use our PDF security software which caters for both desktop reading and reading from web pages. The CopySafe solutions can be used on any web site regardless of the programming language behind it. In fact there are free plugins for utilizing CopySafe PDF Protection on WordPress, Moodle, DMM, Drupal and Joomla web sites.

Author: William Kent
Date: 14th April 2020

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