Most Secure DRM Protection Plugin For WordPress

DRM Protection for WordPressSafeGuard DRM is a WordPress plugin that provides the most secure DRM protection and access rights control to WordPress pages and posts, preventing sharing and unauthorised access by locking token usage rights to a user's device.

While password protection can be considered a form of DRM it does very little in preventing sharing because the same password can be used by many. However SafeGuard DRM is much more than password protection. In fact SafeGuard DRM is much more that teh usual DRM solution because SafeGuard DRM locks access rights to the user's device, identifying them by unique computer signature. No other DRM can do that.

SafeGuard DRM uses tokens, much like NFT tokens, except that they are more sophisticated because they get locked to the user’s computer and the author can not only allow a number of devices per token, but they can also limit which OS/platform is allowed, and for how long.

Each DRM token can be set to allow bany number of devices, meaning that the user can use a computer at work, a different computer at home and also use their mobile phone from anywhere, all at the author’s discretion.

DRM tokens can also be set to expire by calendar date or by a number of views. Or they can be expired by a number of days since their first use.

DRM tokens can also limit which platforms are allowed access. For example, if your users are all on Windows workstations, then you can disallow access from Mac, Android and iOS devices. Or if you consider that iPhone or Android devices are too easily compromised, then you can opt to block their access.

The SafeGuard DRM plugin provides everything that you need to manage tokens with statistics for usage shown per page and OS. The plugin can be used to create a demo account, graduate to a proper DRM account and list your tokens and issue them to your users by email. You can also log into the SafeGuard DRM website to use the control panel from there.

The SafeGuard DRM plugin can be used in conjunction with the SafeGuard Media plugin that will add copy protection to your WordPress pages and posts. Token creation can be automated from online sales by using the WooCommerce plugin.

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Author: William Kent
Date: 19th December 2024

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DRM has been around for a while and I believe that most use MAC address to ivalidate ownership of tokens. How is SafeGuard DRM better?

> ArtistScope

SafeGuard DRM uses back-to-home validation, something that enables authors total control over all aspects with immediate effect on any changes made, and something that most DRM services are incapable of. What that means is that with SafeGuard DRM, an author can change DRM setings or revoke them at any time with immediate effect. You cannot do that with token files out in the wild.

Also, they use MAC address because that is the best that they can do. But SafeGuard DRM uses the ArtisBrowser which is able to identify unique computer signatures which do not change every time one changes their Internet connection.

The SafeGuard DRM service is second to none!

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