Most Secure Copy Protection Plugin For WordPress

Copy Protection for WordPressSafeGuard Media is a WordPress plugin that provides the most secure and most effective copy protection for WordPress pages and posts, making them safe from all copy including PrintScreen, screen capture and many other exploits that many are unaware of.

While other plugins attempt to prevent copy by disabling right click actions, a futile process considering the many other ways of saving, downloading and copying a web page, the SafeGuard Media plugin uses an iFrame to display a page hosted on the SafeGuard Media server where the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is running at system level to encrypt the page.

ASPS requires a dedicated server or VPS for the rights to install software at system level, but the SafeGuard Media plugin gets around that by using an iFrame, thus enabling any WordPress website to use the most secure and most effective copy protection solution available today, even those on economically priced shared hosting services.

All types of images, PDF and mp4 video can now be securely displayed on WordPress pages, safe from all copy, regardless of where the file is stored. Media can be uploaded to your own website or to a file sharing service like DropBox or Amazon S3.

The only way that anyone can copy SafeGuard Media is by photographing the computer screen with a camera, but by applying a watermark, anyone doing that can be easily identified for retribution. Watermarking is an option with several display styles/positions to choose from. The information used for the watermarking can include username, computer signature, IP address and date.

The only limitation with SafeGuard Media is that users are required to use the ArtisBrowser, a web browser specially designed to copy protected web content. While it may seem more convenient to let visitors use their default web browser, no popular web browser is suitable for copy protection. In fact, being designed at cross purpose they are all totally useless for copy protecting web content.

Only by using ASPS and the ArtisBrowser can web content be copy protected from all avenues of exploit, and SafeGuard Media is the only means of using that combination without having a dedicated server.

ArtisBrowser is available for all computers and devices including mobile phones. However you can limit which OS can access your pages. For example if your corporate network is running Microsoft Windows on their workstations, then you can disallow other devices. Or if you students are all using mobile phones you can allow those only.

If an additional layer of protection is needed for more strict access control, the SafeGuard DRM plugin can be use in conjunction with SafeGuard Media. The SafeGuard DRM plugin creates tokens that will enable individual users access to nominated pages or collections. Users are then identified by unique computer signature, thus preventing sharing and unauthorised access.

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Author: William Kent
Date: 11th November 2023

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I see many WordPress plugins claiming that they will copy protect web pages. How is Safeguard Media any different?

> ArtistScope

Disable right-click menus scripts have been around for years but removing right click menu options doesn't actually prevent screen shots, just one of the methods used for calling them. There are also scripts that clear the copy board, but they are useless in preventing screen capture built into a plethora of apps including web browsers.

Whereas SafeGuard Media plugin employs copy protection that is actioned at system level at both the web server and the web browser. In doing so, SafeGuard Media can prevent absolutely all methods of copy and exploit including many that most are unaware of.

Those other plugin developers are either as naive as their end users or fooling them... a simple Save Page can collect all of their supposedly protected content including media, JS, CSS and the HTML that makes the page, and number of screen capture softwares will take a screen shot and even record video. But try that with SafeGuard Media!

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