Limited Choices For Using Image Protect Software Or To Copy Protect PDF

Whether you are using image protect software or want to copy protect PDF, if your mission is critical or you need to protect your livelihood, the options can be limited. Granted that a web search may turn up scores of possible solutions, but most will not prevent all methods of copy and exploit, and of those that may, they can be expensive or their usage restricted to the desktop only.

The most basic option for desktop viewing is encrypting the file and protecting it with a password. However once the file is opened and viewed on the desktop it can be easily copied by using PrintScreen or screen capture software. Also, with password protected packaging, there will be no means to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution. This method has nothing to offer whatsoever for any media while displayed online from a web page.

image protection softwareMore secure solutions involve the use of encryption and a proprietary reader to decrypt the file and display it. With desktop reading the reader can incorporate DRM controls and check if the user has the right to access the file by checking an online server or a locally saved token file. Solutions based on JavaScript and HTML only, such as those used on mobile phones, will not be able to prevent copy and screen capture at system level which is where effective copy protection must be actioned.

Only by controlling copy functions at system level can real copy protection be applied. Image protect software that merely disables right mouse click actions may seem effective to naive users, but such methods will not even slow down any intent image thief. The same applies to thinly veiled solutions designed to copy protect PDF that leave the PDF file exposed while on display for copy and print by numerous means.

To copy protect PDF on the desktop, software like the CopySafe PDF Protection solution is most recommended because it protects the PDF file's contents from all copy, save and print exploits most securely, and with DRM applied those protected documents cannot be shared or distributed without the author's authorization. CopySafe PDF provides without a doubt, the most secure copy protection for PDF on the planet, and it provides the only secure solution for displaying protected PDF online from web pages. For web site owners plugins are available for use in CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and DotNetNuke that greatly simplify the task of embedding protected PDF on web pages and posts, which would otherwise be most difficult in any CMS even for experienced web designers.

Managing DRM permissions of protected PDF for desktop reading is similarly easily managed from a DRM portal provided by ArtistScope, the providers and maintainers of CopySafe PDF protection. DRM for CopySafe PDF provides authors with total control over all aspects with immediate effect on any changes made, even to PDF files already saved to a user's computer or still out in the wild on disk.

ArtistScope also provides the most secure image protect software for use on the Internet. Website owners using shared hosting servers can use CopySafe Web Protection software to encrypt and protect images for display on any web page on any web site. CopySafe Web is a most unique image protection solution in that when its encrypted image loads and displays on the web page, protection is activated that protects that image, and anything else displayed on the web page, from all copy including PrintScreen and screen capture. By adding the smallest of images to any web page, all media including text and video can be protected from PrintScreen and screen capture software.

While CopySafe Web Protection is designed for use on web pages displayed from a website, it is also possible to use CopySafe Web for distribution and desktop reading by incorporating it into a package created by the ArtistScope Portable Media software (APM). APM archives are encrypted packages that include a mini web server so that copy protected web pages can be viewed on a user's desktop.

For the professionals hosting a website on their own dedicated or virtual server, copy protecting images and other media cannot be simpler or more effective. By having admin rights to the server one can install copy protect software at system level so that web pages designated for copy protection can be delivered most securely to the ArtisBrowser web browser. The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is the most secure image protect software ever imagined. In fact it is the most secure and most effective copy protection solution for any media that can be displayed on a web page, including text, images, Flash and video.

But limitations do apply. While ASPS provides the most secure copy protection for web content, it is limited to Windows computers because other operating systems are considered high risk and devices like mobile phones too easily exploited. Consequently enabling access to unsecured devices would be a dumb thing to do. However Mac users can install Parallels to create a virtual partition and install Windows to be able to run CopySafe applications including the ArtisBrowser. More recent versions of Mac OS now come equipped with a version of Bootcamp from which they can run Windows 10 to view CopySafe and ASPS protected content.

Author: William Kent
Date: 11th February 2020

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