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When using image protect software to copy protect images while they are displayed online, for example, from a web page, problems can be encountered due to large file sizes. Here I am not referring to the usual web images which are recommended to be displayed at low quality (compressed) to reduce their file size and thus enhance download speed to satisfy the SEO gods, but instead I am referring to images that need to be large file sizes such as those for medical scans and drafting plans.

While images can be encrypted and copy protected for online viewing, those same images cannot be viewed on the desktop or copy protected away from the copy protected website without a desktop viewer designed specifically for that task. Okay, so how many different solutions are needed to protect online and offline?

PDF security softwareWell if you are dealing with collections of images, especially copyrighted or proprietary images and designs such as plans or artworks that may be grouped or catalogued, then one solution can be used to cater for both online and desktop viewing by using PDF protection software known as CopySafe PDF.

CopySafe PDF can displayed on web pages and can also be distributed for desktop reading via download, email or on disk. For larger file sizes, desktop reading can be the better option because the user only needs to download the file once, and then they can access it locally. While online viewing will require that the user download the PDF at every visit to that web page. So for file sizes exceeding a few MB that can be a tedious task.

With regard to preventing sharing by limiting access to individual users, distributing images in protected PDF for desktop reading has advantages over online viewing because while a web page can be protected by password login, that password can be shared among their friends. However with desktop viewing you have the added option of applying DRM to limit access rights to individuals by computer ID that cannot be shared.

"But isn't online viewing more secure because the PDF doesn't get downloaded to the user's computer?" Well that is a gross misconception of how the web works and the mistake is easily made, especially when web developers do not understand it to explain it properly to their clients. In both instances of online and offline viewing the file is saved to the user's computer. No one actually reads online, but instead downloads and saves the content to be viewed locally. The only difference is that in the case of online viewing that content is saved to the web browser's cache instead of to a location freely chosen by the user.

CopySafe PDF also provides the option of controlling print. But again, with desktop viewing you have more options available when DRM is applied. With online display you can opt to allow or prevent printing but with no further limitation. However when DRM is applied for desktop viewing you not only have that option, but it can be extended to allow for a set number of prints, after which printing is no longer possible. The same applies to expiration. With DRM applied for desktop viewing you can limit the number of views or set expiry by days or even hours commencing from the individual user's first access.

With so many options available and the fact that today, CopySafe PDF is the only effective PDF protection solution that can be used online and viewed from a web browser, it is no surprise that CopySafe PDF is the preferred choice by all industries. So whether you are looking for image protect software, protection for drafting plans, or a solution to copy protect all types of document formats, CopySafe PDF is the win-win solution.

For online viewing, you not only have the only solution that effectively protects while on display on your web page, but it can be used on any type of web site hosted on any type of server. In fact there are free add-ons available for all of the popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Moodle that make adding copy protected PDF to web pages as simple as "click to select the file to upload" and place wherever you want it.

CopySafe PDF is the most sophisticated and time proven solution that is available on no-fuss licensing basis. No charges for free and ongoing support and upgrades and licensing never expires. When you purchase a CopySafe PDF license, for the one-time fee of $295 you get for free the DRM service without limitation for an unlimited number of documents, subscribers and groups. You also get to advertise and sell via the "CopySafe Online Store" for free and no commissions payable on sales made. Plus use of the online book cover designer.

CopySafe PDF provides everything that you need to protect PDF and sell online, all manageable from your DRM account control panel. For evaluation you can download the software and see for yourself why CopySafe PDF is the industry standard. You can even sign up for a 14-day free trial to evaluate DRM that will provide total control over all aspects with immediate effect on any changes made, even to documents already saved to a user's computer or still out in the wild on disk.

Author: William Kent
Date: 15th October 2019

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