How To Use CopySafe PDF Protection Software On Web Pages

Gone are the days when one could embed normal PDF in a web page and let web page protection software protect the PDF from copy. Thanks to changes in Adobe Reader support that now provides a toolbar which can no longer be removed, we now need to use PDF protection software that involves encryption. Now the PDF file needs to be encrypted and when displaying on a web page, a web browser plugin is required to decrypt the protected PDF and display it in an embedded reader.

We can still use HTML embed code on the page but the actual code that is used needs to suit the parameters of the browser plugin. Today there is only one PDF security software that can be used on web pages that is secure and effective protection from all methods of copy. CopySafe PDF Protection is safe from all avenues of copy and exploit including PrintScreen and screen capture. CopySafe PDF files are encrypted for use on web pages by using encryption for "domain lock" to ensure that the files cannot be displayed elsewhere.

Embed Code For Protected PDF On Web Pages

To display CopySafe PDF documents all you need to do is add the HTML for the embed code to your web page. Then the visitor can use the ArtisBrowser web browser. When the page loads, the embed code loads and activates the browser plugin to decrypt the protected PDF file and display it on the page at the location of the HTML embed code. An example of the embed code to use:

<object type='application/x-artistscope-pdfreader5' codebase='artis-plugins/download-asps.html' 
width='600' height='500'>
<param name='Document' value='temp/Protected_eBooks_for_Dummies.class' />
<param name='PrintsAllowed' value='0' />
<param name='PrintAnywhere' value='0' />
<param name='AllowCapture' value='0' />
<param name='AllowRemote' value='1' />
<param name='Background' value='#FFFFFF' />
</object />

By adding the HTML above to any web page, you can display CopySafe PDF protected files to any web page. However most site designers are now using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Moodle that builds their web pages dynamically, and adding any HTML to those web pages can be a very complicated task. But add-on modules are available for those CMS that very much simplifies that task to the point of "point and click", enabling site owners to upload and place CopySafe PDF files onto web pages and posts from the online page editors. These plugins are simple to use and do not require any HTML skills at all.

Copy Protection Parameters

  • Width and Height to display the PDF viewer on the page can be set in pixels.
  • Document is the file name and its folder location.
  • PrintsAllowed can be set to 1 for yes, and 0 for no printing.
  • PrintAnywhere set to 1 will allow network printers.
  • AllowRemote will enable access from virtual partitions running another OS.
  • Background sets the color of the reader area (useful for matching page color).
These parameters can be set differently for each page.

PDF Print Restriction

The number of PrintsAllowed can be nominated and will prevent printing after that quota is fulfilled. But because the print count is not logged, refreshing the page will reset the count. To control the number of prints allowed more effectively, site developers can utilize some of their own coding to log prints and modify the parameters dynamically when the count is reached.

Network Print Restriction

The option for PrintAnywhere to prevent network printing is most recommended because enabling it will in fact enable all printer drivers of the type that is also used in file converters. For example, by enabling this option, you will be allowing the option to convert your protected PDF to a normal PDF and thus escape copy protection. However enabling this option may useful in cases where special logged-in users can be entitled to use large format printers for plan printing, etc.

Remote View Restriction

The option for AllowRemote can be enabled to allow users to access the page from virtual computers, ie: from Mac computers that may be running Windows within a Parallels virtual partition. The recommended setting is disabled [0] because by allowing access to the virtual machine (VM), screen capture can be performed from the main OS which has not been secured.

Redirection and Plugin Downloads

As well as the embed code, some scripting is also required to detect browser suitability. As the ArtisBrowser is the only web browser capable of displaying copy protected PDF, then all other web browsers need to be redirected for instructions on how to download the ArtisBrowser. The ArtisBrowser is equipped with all CopySafe plugins to cater for encrypted images, encrypted PDF and encrypted video.

CMS Add-on Modules

The modules for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress are a free download and free to use. However you will need the CopySafe PDF software to encrypt PDF as .class file format for upload. For more information please the CopySafe PDF Protection software page.

Author: William Kent
Date: 28th January 2020

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