How To Create A Secure Mail Service Using Site Protection Software

Setting up a secure mail service is quite easy to do when incorporating a suitable website protection software. Sure, corporate networks can use an in-house mail server and control which mail goes where and who can send and receive that mail, but anyone on the same network can use packet sniffers to intercept that mail. And then what about mail that leaves the corporate network for delivery to clients outside on the public Internet? Some will be using insecure mail servers that can be accessed by hackers or a public service like Gmail or Hotmail where there are far too many staff who have access to account details and the servers themselves.

site protection software for secure email serviceSo how can you setup a secure mail service using site protection software? Well the first thing to realize is that as soon as email leaves the server it is open to packet sniffers and hackers at the end points. So the first remedy to that problem is to keep all mail on the same server by using a WebMail solution. For those who don't know what "WebMail" is, it is a web page application where users can read and send mail, similar to the service that Gmail provides from their web site except that mail forwarding to a mailbox may or may not be allowed depending on your preferences and security policy. If you prevent forwarding you prevent the mail from leaving your server and while it remains on your server, you can also apply copy protection as an option to prevent copy, save and print of sensitive data. More on that below.

WebMail software is available as open-source and for free and more commonly available for Linux servers. However Windows servers can run a WebMail solution written in Classic ASP and anyone interested in that should contact ArtistScope for assistance. But regardless of which flavor you do choose, the WebMail scripts will need some customization to tighten up security, prevent forwarding if need be, and add options for the prevention of copy by integration with a suitable website protection software, and the best and most secure copy protection solution is the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).

ASPS is the best candidate for securing your WebMail service because with ASPS running on the web site that displays your mail, users can log in using the ArtisBrowser, and it doesn't matter whether the users are on your intranet or out in the wild on the public web, because ASPS provides a secure tunnel between server and browser that is most secure, even from packet sniffers. All data travelling between the server and browser is encrypted and the ArtisBrowser is the only application that can decrypt it and render it for display and reading.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) also provides the most secure copy protection, safe from all copy, save and screen recording. By using ASPS, access rights to use the mail service can even be locked down to each user's computer or workstation because the ArtisBrowser identifies each user by unique computer ID thus making it very easy to incorporate DRM into your mail service.

By using the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) with your customized WebMail solution you can have the most secure mail service imaginable. Just imagine being able to send an email to anyone within your company or even half way across the world that can only be read by that intended recipient and only opened from the computer that they designate or validate as their own, and while viewing that mail, depending on settings that you as the sender nominate, cannot save, print or copy without your implicit permissions.

In fact the same level of security and copy protection can be applied to any web based application including web forums and other member based solutions such as content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and even the learning system known as Moodle. Once ASPS is installed on your server, any web application can be simply managed by tag management which injects the necessary code into web pages that you nominate. Tag management plugins are available for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and DNN (DotNetNuke).

With the right site protection software you can protect almost anything and ArtistScope provide all the tools and a variety of solutions for all media. The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) will secure and copy protect all data and media on a web page including images, Flash and video. However normal PDF cannot be secured while it is still accessible by Adobe Reader. So for PDF documents we recommend using the CopySafe PDF Protection software.

Author: William Kent
Date: 12th November 2019

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