How To Copy Protect ePub And eBooks When Displayed Online

Thanks to the regressive development of the popular web browsers, copy protecting anything that is displayed online is now only possible by using the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) and while ASPS continues to provide the most secure website protection ever imagined, it can also most securely copy protect popular file types like ePub and eBook... thanks to the many CMS plugins that are now available.

Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Moodle (the most popular CMS for online tuition) have attracted hundreds of developers who provide easy to use plugins to upload and display all types of media. With profit in mind from their plugins, plagiarism is rife, resulting in many different brands to choose from.

copy protect ePubNow that file formats such as ePub and other eBook types can be displayed on web pages, copy protecting them becomes easy when using the ArtistScope Site Protection Software which requires no special handling of the media to be protected. Other solutions for protecting ePub have shortcomings, namely that their copy protection might as well not be mentioned at all due to their lack of effect and the nonsense involved in encrypting the files for what will soon be seen as a non-event.

Where the "non-event" comes in is where anything displayed online and viewed by popular web browsers cannot be copy protected at all, because those web browsers were hobbled in 2015 to prevent the use of plugins that could interact at system level which is where copy needs to be actioned. Why the ArtistScope Site Protection Software is so successful is that it uses the ArtisBrowser, a secure web browser properly designed to protect web media and does not try to be popular by appealing to content thieves.

Yes, the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) will most securely copy protect anything displayed on a web page but there are precautions to be taken, namely proper management of the viewer plugin that you use to display the ePub, eBook, etc. Because ePub and other media plugin developers have the need to be popular, they include all the bells and whistles imaginable which will include tabs and links to print, save and download the media. So with ASPS you can use any CMS plugin but you need to be careful to disable those options, including the "fullscreen" option if by doing that the user actually eaves the web page that is currently being copy protected.

How this most sophisticated copy protection for ePub needs to work is by not providing the original ePub or eBook files, but rather use the CMS plugin to dissemble their contents and then display them on the web page as HTML using JavaScript. Likewise, if normal PDF is embedded on the web page Adobe Reader may provide the PDF support which will result in toolbar options that will undermine your protection. So eBooks and PDF needs to be likewise dissembled and remodelled as HTML by a CMS plugin.

What about the many plugins claiming to copy protect such media files? Well they are all mostly fake and plagiarized. Once someone publishes a plugin for say WordPress, that plugin can be downloaded, renamed and re-arranged to appear as yet another new plugin for that CMS. In fact one only has to look at the CMS plugin directories to see that they now resemble a beach littered from end to end with plastic bags and bottles.

But do not fear, with ASPS you are free to choose any plugin that suites your project and you don't have to worry about the fake protection that may be offered by others because with ASPS, your ePub and eBook files can be very much more secure than when using anything else, in fact more secure than it has ever been imagined, because using the ArtisBrowser closes all of the holes left to exploit when using popular web browsers.

Author: William Kent
Date: 18th February 2020

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