How To Copy Protect Video With Site Protection Software

Most website copy protection software encrypts media and displays it on web pages via an embedded reader, thus requiring that the media, images, PDF and video, be encrypted locally and then uploaded to the website which complicates web design and publishing. But such software can also restrict the use of file type and media server use (CDN and streaming services).

Copy protect video with site protection softwareBut with the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) you do not have to encrypt any media for it to be very much more securely protected than with any other copy protection software. With ASPS you can add any type of media, including images and video, using any file type delivered from anywhere because the web server automatically encrypts the page that is delivered to the visitor's web browser.

That means that with ASPS site protection software you can stream video from anywhere such as a media streaming server or even Vimeo, and it also leaves the choice of embedded player that you use on your web page for you to choose. For example if your website uses WordPress, you can choose from the 60+ video player plugins available from Or if you use Moodle or other CMS than you will also have multiple choices of which video player to use on your web pages. Or you can simply use HTML5 which does the job with only two lines of HTML code. Either way the context menu and fullscreen option should be removed from the player's toolbar to prevent the visitor from leaving the web page.

The ArtistScope support team can assist with the customization of most players and can provide a readymade player plugin for WordPress suitable for MP4 video files that is perfect for protecting video in ASPS.

The video files can be any file type that you like such as AVI, MP4, WMV, OGG, FLV or Quicktime, and they can be hosted on any server. They can be stored on your own web site, or remotely such as a CDN or streaming server. It makes no difference when you use ASPS because their location is protected and untraceable. The web page data and the links to your media cannot be extracted from web browser cache or memory. In fact, when SSL is used it is impossible for packet sniffing software to locate your resources.

The only limitation with ASPS is that your visitors need to use the ArtisBrowser web browser to decrypt the ASPS pages. While those pages are on display in the ArtisBrowser, users cannot copy save, print or copy what they see in any way short of standing back and photographing the computer screen with a camera. Other web browsers cannot read ASPS web pages and are unsuitable for copy protection mainly because they are cross-purpose designed to save and exploit web media . They are also limited in system level actions required to control the clipboard.

The ArtisBrowser is available for Mac OSX and all Windows versions going back to XP. In fact the ArtisBrowser is the only web browser that is suitable for copy protection that still supports Windows XP. Contrary to what experts may claim about XP being dead, we find that 5% of our client's users are still using Windows XP.

If you want to see what your website can look like through an ASPS mirror, there is a demo online where you can simply type in the URL of any web page. To use that demo you first need to download and install the ArtisBrowser. Then visit the online demo.

ASPS website copy protection software can be installed onto all web servers, including all versions of Windows and Linux.

Author: William Kent
Date: 25th September 2020

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